4 Benefits of Automating Property Management

The automation of processes seems to be quite the norm across varied industries nowadays, the real estate sector included. For owners of real estate properties, making use of property management software offers a promising advantage. Whether what you have is a commercial or residential property, the advantages are similar, nonetheless.

So perhaps that fact is what brought you here today. You know that indeed, you can benefit from property management software like Foliolens. But maybe you just need more convincing. 

With that said, here are some of the benefits you’re set out to enjoy when you start automating property management.

1. It Streamlines Rent Collection

Owning or managing properties, including prefab homes and modular homes, that are scattered across various areas geographically can pose management challenges, especially when it comes to collecting rent. Without an automated system, it can be time-consuming and mentally challenging to manage and collect all the payments of every single property, month after month.

This is where one of the benefits of automating your property management system kicks in. The process of collecting rent can be made easier and faster, especially since everything can now be done online. All you have to do is track if the payments have arrived, and check which tenants have missed out on the due date. You no longer have to do the physical work of going to each property just to collect payments.

2. It Enhances Customer Experience

Even in the real estate industry, ensuring good customer service can go a long way. Here, your customers refer to your tenants and potential clients. When you give them a pleasant experience while renting out your properties, they’ll be happy to stay for as long as they have to. You aren’t giving them a reason to leave your property and choose to invest in another one instead.

Additionally, second to that fact happens when your tenant is done with their contract and leaves. When they’re satisfied with your service in the duration of their stay in your properties, they’re also highly likely to recommend your properties to their network of friends. 

How best to achieve that? Through automation. Whenever the tenant has a concern, there’s a unified system, website, or toll-free number for them to reach out to. They don’t have to wait for your physical presence as the manager or owner.

In addition, when you set up an automated rent collection by accepting card payments, you’re also adding a drop of convenience to your tenants. This feature drastically improves your property rentals’ customer service.

3. It Results In Higher Quality Of Work

When you’re no stranger to the automation of tasks, you’ll also understand how automation can result in a more systematic and higher quality of work. Because you have better systems in place, you only have to spend less time doing repetitive tasks.

This makes you more efficient in managing your modular homes or prefab homes or other properties. It can give you top-notch service and quality products as a property manager.

4. It Improves Building Maintenance And Tracking

Through an automated system, you’re also kept in the loop, real-time, regarding any problem in each of your properties that may need immediate attention. That said, there’s no time wasted in addressing those concerns.

The reason for this goes back to the very core of ease of communication. With automation, you’re alerted immediately regarding any maintenance problem. And, it’s not just messages that are sent but images of the area concerned as well.

Through your automated software, you can readily access the contact information of tradesmen and professionals you need to contact like electricians, plumbers, and laborers. You don’t have to start from scratch every time with looking for whom to hire. Additionally, this advancement also allows you to track their progress in the repair and maintenance work they’re doing.

Remember, when it comes to property management, building maintenance is the top contributing factor to customer satisfaction. So, don’t skimp on that. This applies regardless of the type of property you have, from single-detached units to pre-fab modular homes, always be keen on properly maintaining your properties.


If you’ve been in the real estate, modular homes, prefab homes and property industry for a long time now, you know and understand that there are so many facets that come into play when managing properties. It takes a lot of effort and hard work. The more properties you have to take care of, the more work needs to be done.
When you gather all the benefits enumerated above, you’ll come to terms with how automating property management can drastically improve your business and career