Krubiner Residence - Custom Made Prefab Home, California

Construction Process
About Swatt Miers Architects

ProjectKrubiner Residence
DesignSwatt Miers Architects
ManufactureSimpatico Homes
LocationEmeryville, California
PhotosRussel Abraham, Kate Carboneau

Designed by Swatt Miers Architects, built by Simpatico Homes the The Krubiner Residence is a modern custom made prefab home situated in Emeryville, California. Factory costs are typically around $150 per square foot for standard prefab homes by Simpatico Homes.

Description from Swatt | Miers Architects

The partnership with Simpatico Homes represents an opportunity for our firm to bring custom-quality architecture to a broader audience through the cost advantages of prefabrication. The Krubiner Residence, the Simpatico Prototype, is located in Emeryville just a few blocks from our office and was completed in January 2012. Simpatico Homes represents a unique opportunity to help transform housing by combining modern design with off-site prefabrication and LEED-certified sustainability.