Prefab Modular Villa, Collonges, Switzerland

Floor plans
About Pierre-Alain Dupraz

ArchitecturePierre-Alain Dupraz
CollaboratorsJulian Behrens, Nicola Chong, Pierre Mencacci, Marie Huck, Jonathan Slaby
LocationCollonges, Switzerland
PhotosThomas Jantscher

Description by the project team 

Located at the base of the mountain overlooking the Geneva basin, the 'house in Collonges', designed by the Swiss office Pierre-Alain Dupraz Architects. Built for a single family, the prefab modular villa is constructed from a series of rectangular prefabricated concrete boxes, paired and stacked one on the side - and on top - of the other, in order to shape the dwelling to the sloping landscape and accommodate programmatic needs.

The south axis rests on a geographic shelf where are the entrance, dining, kitchen, living room and master bedroom areas. The children's bedrooms are found on the lower level, embedded in the slope, overlooking the valley. The neutral gray of the exposed concrete facade is interrupted by light frames and square wooden windows, allowing the prefab modular villa to naturally blend in with its surroundings in green summers and white winters.