VoloPort Concept - Modular eVTOL Vertiport - Departure and Arrival Facility for Air Taxis and Drones

About Graft

Project partnersGeorg Schmidthals, Lars Kr├╝ckeberg, Wolfram Putz, Thomas Willemeit
Project leadSebastian Massmann
Design leadMarta Piaseczynska
Project teamJulia Korpacka, Tatiana Lebedeva
Year2021: Commission for VoloPort together with Arup and Bayards Aluminium Constructies
2019: First prototype built in Singapore by GRAFT Brandlab
2018: Competition, 1st prize, together with GRAFT Brandlab and Arup

Description by designers

The German eVTOL design company Volocopter is a pioneer of Urban Air Mobility and develops fully electric vertical take-off aircraft as a mobility solution for use in urban areas. As a hub for the Volocopter aircraft, the VoloPort vertiport was devised by GRAFT in collaboration with Volocopter, Arup and Bayards Aluminium Constructies.

The VoloPort is part of the Volocopter modular urban air mobility infrastructure network and acts as a gateway within the public realm. Suited to the constraints of densely populated areas, its compact, modular and expandable design can be employed in a variety of inner-city locations – either on the ground, on the roof of a high-rise building or on a floating, water-based platform.