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About Njordrum

With the idea of reduction and minimal spaces in mind, the Danish architecture firm Njordrum is working on innovative proposals for housing. Exploring modularity and Scandinavian aesthetics, the firm seeks to synthesize architecture, nature, natural light and people.

Believing in the importance of architecture instead of valuing its dimensions, Njordrum is implementing a system that initially starts with a 45 sqm module, designed to work independently, but that has the possibility of creating different configurations when combined with other modules.

The proposal is based on modular houses closely connected to nature. The interiors are, therefore, as natural as the exterior. In fact, the architects explain that "when you have light, space and a strong relationship between interior and exterior, the amount of square meters is no longer essential to define whether the house is perceived as large or small".

"The project was carefully developed to be flexible, so that the modules can connect without compromising architecture or nature". - Martin Wienberg, partner at Njordrum

Sustainability and integrated design are core values of this project. To match the constant changes in material, location and lifestyle, Njordrum expands the limits of flexibility, proposing an architecture that can change its size and needs. His designs are also mobile, without, however, compromising the quality of the architecture.

“This is the philosophy on which our concept is based; modular housing designed by architects - houses connected to the outside, joining building and nature to an architectural whole. Make leaving as natural as entering. "- Martin Wienberg, partner at Njordrum

Scandinavian nature is part of people's self-understanding. At Njordrum, the team has therefore made it their mission to draw nature into the home and man into nature. Njordrum has created modular homes that are true to the Scandinavian spirit.

Sustainability is about common sense. About the satisfaction of knowing that things make sense, even in the long run.

At Njordrum, we think sustainably throughout the modular home's life cycle.

In addition to choosing wood, which is the most sound building material in terms of resources, the architect-designed modules are placed directly on point foundations, which require far fewer resources than a solid foundation. At the same time, the method means that the home is mobile.

Modular home can simply move with you and take root in a new place out in the countryside, should it become topical.

Aesthetics is the sum of the right details. The experience that things are created for each other. That they are part of a conscious context in both form and function. That the smallest is crucial to the largest. At Njordrum, we create aesthetic Scandinavian modular homes where beauty is thought of in all stages of the design phase.

It is about choosing the best materials and putting them together in a good way. To make Scandinavian prefab homes appear in a natural whole, where the experience of quality is not compromised in any place. When the aesthetics reflect nature's own perfection, tranquility arises across the inside and outside.

That's our philosophy, and that's what we've built our concept on: architectural designed modular homes, which draw nature into the home and invite outside with outdoor spaces that are tailored to your needs. Outdoor space, which makes it just as natural to step out as to move in. In this way we revitalize Nordic self-understanding. Starting from one simple module, we open up to great opportunities. The design is well thought out and flexible, so that the modules can be assembled without compromising on either architecture or nature.

Starting from one simple module, we open up to great opportunities. The design is well thought out and flexible, so the modules can be assembled without compromising on either architecture or nature.

Construction Process

A module of 48 sqm and approx. 17 tons delivered in a complete and largely finished house, where only minor adjustments and finishes are made on site with completion in a few working days.

Floor plans

About Njordrum

Njordrum is a Danish, Aarhus-based company that specializes in the development and construction of turnkey, architect-designed wooden houses. Njordrum is a scalable modular concept from 45m2 m2. All houses are built in wood, based on the surrounding nature and with great architectural experience in the needs and dreams that each house must meet.

Njordrum is founded on more than 20 years of experience in the design of houses, all of which have a special approach to the Nordic elements such as light, air and nature.

Njordrum's three partners each have their own competence and focus area. As a customer, you will therefore always find the right expertise and advice at the given stage - from the first sketches to the turnkey house. In this way, Njordrum also ensures that the drawn vision will be completed - and more! For in Njordrum's unique concept, inclusive design, each house adds a very special and uncompromising balance between function, architecture and nature.


Martin Wienberg

Architect Maa, Partner

Martin is responsible for Njordrum's overall architecture and thus for translating the customer's residential dreams into an architectural vision. For the past 15 years, Martin has been co-owner, partner and creative director of the architectural firm Friis & Moltke. From 2018, Martin has designed a sharp architectural profile in his own name as a partner in the design studio Wienberg Architects.

Martin's architectural passion has always been a focal point in the home's encounter with and impact on the individual. The essential thing is to create architecture that supports and frames the life to be lived, and which at the same time makes use of light and materials in a way that surprises and awakens the senses. Thus, Martin draws a scandinavian modular home that is not only about the number of sqm, but more about the feeling that arises when you move through the rooms, when you are surprised by the reflection of light on the surfaces - and about how inside and out can merge into one spaciousness.


Lars Vejen

Architect and designer Maa, Partner

Lars is design manager at Njordrum. Lars ensures that even the smallest details in each individual Scandinavian prefab home are well thought out as a natural extension of the architecture.

Lars has more than 20 years of experience in creating wholeness in architecture and guiding and inspiring through detailing: materials and surfaces, design of special furniture, lighting, choice of products, etc.

With his design studio, Lars has distinguished himself both nationally and internationally by virtue of his uncompromising and empathetic design over the past two decades. Most recently honored as Designer of the Year 2018.


Steffen Toft

Project manager, Partner

As a dedicated contractor and project developer, Steffen works with the concrete realization of Scandinavian modular homes in Njordrum's projects.

Steffen takes care of the necessary structure and agreement basis for each individual project, so that the customer always has only one contact throughout the entire process.

Steffen has extensive experience in the baggage from the development and realization of real estate projects both in Denmark and abroad.

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Scandinavian Modular House Concept, Denmark