2 Bedrooms Modular Prefab SIP Panels House

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Project: Modular House 01
Architects: abarca + palma
Area: 120 m²
Internal area: 77 m²
Bedrooms: 2
Year: 2016
Location: Pupuya, Chile
Photos: Andres Maturana
Manufacturers: Maderas Bucalemu, Sudpanel, Yousef
Construction: Francisco Abarca, Camilo Palma, Sebastián Ochoa
Collaborating Architect: Nicolás Acosta
Land Area: 5800 m²
Built Area: 120m²
Construction Term: 4 months
Value: 20 UF x m²

This 2 bedrooms modular prefab SIP panels house is located in the hills of the "Los Maquicillos" region, between Plaza de Matanzas and Vega de Pupuya. Its implantation on the hill provides a wide view to the sea and a very close view of hills, big trees and the powerful rural landscape of the “La vega de Pupuya” ravine.

The prefab modular house has 77 m² of internal space, which includes two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen integrated into the living and dining room that leads directly to a covered balcony and a corridor that projects over the land on its sloping part. All environments have a view that can cover the entire region of the ravine and the distant sea.

This first Modular House 01 is a part of a system of prefabricated modules and a serial structure and is adaptable to the terrain. The wooden structure is built in situ by joiners before the arrival of the prefabricated panels that are mounted on it.

It is a mixed system, where the carpentry tradition and the industry are directly connected. The structure made of pine wood is composed by the method of pilotis, beam, composite pillar and serial trusses that build a roof that protects the entire modular prefab house. The prefabricated panels are of the SIP type with variable thickness depending on the country's climatic zone.

In climatic terms, the modular prefab house is characterized by a large roof that protects the entire built area with eaves over one meter in length, which ensure protection from rain and sun, giving greater durability to the coverings of the residence and reducing considerably maintenance. The cover is separated from the modules to reduce the incidence of heat on them, in addition to promoting air circulation. Finally, the width of the residence and the sequence of windows allow for cross ventilation in all rooms.

For this 2 bedrooms modular prefab SIP panels house, five modules were used: Double Bedroom Module, Simple Bedroom Module, Bathroom and Kitchen Module, Living Module and Balcony Module, in addition to a corridor across the front of the house.


About Abarca y Palma Arquitectos

Francisco Abarca.
Architect UNAB 2006.
Graduate in Sustainable Architecture FAU, U. de Chile. 2007
Mail: francisco@abarcapalma.com

Camilo Palma.
Architect UNAB 2006.
Professor Taller de Introducción a la Arquitectura 1 + 2 Facultad de Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño UDP.
Taller Professor 2 + 3 Escuela de Arquitectura Campus Creativo UNAB
Mail: camilo@abarcapalma.com

Sebastian Ochoa.
Architect PUC 2009.

Nicolas Acosta.
UDP Architect 2016
Assistant Taller de Introducción a la Arquitectura 1 + 2 Facultad de Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño UDP.

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2 Bedrooms Modular Prefab SIP Panels House