3 Bedroom Modern Prefab Home in Venice, Los Angeles, California

Prefab home, California

Design and construction: Marmol Radziner Prefab
Photography: Deasey Penner

This prefab home (California) is located on an urban, narrow lot in Venice, USA. The home incorporates small courtyard space and covered decks, giving the building a sense of privacy in spite of its location on an built-on site. The 2,800 sqf 3 bedrooms house comprises of 14 modules and includes a living room/dining room, 2.5 baths, an office, a double height kitchen with an operable skylight and 700 square feet of outdoor living space. Large glazing on the southern side of the building fill the prefab home with natural sunlight and connect the exterior and interior spaces.

Small Prefab Guest House, Sweden

Small prefab guest house

Small Prefab Guest House Floor Plans
About Paan Architects

Design Paan Architects
Area 42 sqm (450 sq ft)
Bedrooms 1
Location Sweden
Photography Kyle Gudsell, Jens Klevje, Fabian Svensson

The small prefab guest house was positioned strategically so that it would separate and organize functions that are different by their nature (access to the beach, original building, car park) and handle the diversity of its surroundings (garden, beach, meadow). The 42 sqm small prefab guest house was constructed with a manufactured prefabricated wooden frame and assembled in one day.

Contemporary Prefab Modular Home, Montana

Contemporary prefab home, Montana

About Medicine Hat Inc.

Design and construction: Medicine Hat Inc.
Project: Ruby Springs PREFAB
Interior: Shack Up Studio
Year: 2009
Photography: Will Brewster / Medicine Hat Inc.

Set against trees and mountains of the Montana landscape this contemporary prefab modular home connects to its picturesque surroundings both with porosity and materiality. The prefabricated modular nature of the building has left its natural beauty and landscape untouched. The humble structure is made up of 5 modular sections, then the modules were assembled and the new home established within the day. A system of hydraulic operable screens on the facade encloses porch spaces and outdoor patio.