Two Bedroom Prefab Home, Ontario, Canada

Two bedroom prefab home

Design: SMPL Design Studio
Manufacture: SMPLy Mod Prefab Homes

SMPLy Mod Prefab Homes creates modern, affordable modular homes for buyers throughout North America. The two bedroom prefab home is 984 square feet and was assembled in a climate-controlled factory environment with four principles: Livable, Sustainable, Practical, Modern.

1000 sq ft Prebuilt Green Modular Home

The Clayton i-house incorporates numerous upscale design features and energy efficient construction practices at a starting price of $75,000.

Prebuilt green modular home

About Clayton Homes

Design and constructionClayton Homes
Area1000 sq ft

The basic prebuilt green modular home I-House is about 1000 square feet, though the design's blend of outdoor and indoor space makes it seem bigger. The main unit can be expanded by adding extra room modules in various configurations to suit the customer's needs and the topography of the lot — placing room units above one another to build, for example, on a hillside lot. The green features of the prebuilt green modular home are solar panels, Low-E windows, superior insulation, rainwater-collection cisterns, and high-efficiency appliances.

Architects at the country’s largest manufactured home company embraced the basic rectangular form of what began as housing on wheels and gave it a postmodern turn with a distinctive v-shaped roofline, energy efficiency and luxury appointments.

Stylistically, the “i-house” might be more at home in the pages of a cutting-edge architectural magazine like Dwell – an inspirational source – than among the Cape Cods and ranchers in the suburbs.

The layout of the long main “core” house and a separate box-shaped guestroom-office “flex room” resemble the letter “i” and its dot. Yet Clayton CEO and President Kevin Clayton said “i-house” stands for more than its footprint.

“It does not look like your typical manufactured home,” said Thayer Long with the Manufactured Housing Institute, a Washington-based group representing 370 manufactured and modular home-building companies.

And shattering those mobile home stereotypes is a good thing, he said. “I think the ‘i-house’ is just more proof that the industry is capable of delivering homes that are highly customizable at an affordable price.”

The “i-house’s” metal v-shaped roof – inspired by a gas-station awning – combines design with function. The roof provides a rain water catchment system for recycling, supports flush-mounted solar panels and vaults interior ceilings at each end to 10 1/2 feet for an added feeling of openness.

The Energy Star-rated design features heavy insulation, six-inch thick exterior walls, cement board and corrugated metal siding, energy efficient appliances, a tankless water heater, dual-flush toilets and lots of “low-e” glazed windows.

The company said the prototype at roughly 52,000 pounds may be the heaviest home it’s ever built.

The final product will come in different exterior colors and will allow buyers to design online, adding another bedroom to the core house, a second bedroom to the flex room or rearranging the footprint to resemble an “L” instead of an “I.”

“We thought of this a little like a kit of parts, where you have all these parts that can go together in different ways,” said Andy Hutsell, one of the architects.


1. Energy Star Appliances
2. Bamboo Floors
3. No V.O.C. Paint
4. Compact Fluorescent Lighting
5. Water Saving Fixtures (Tankless Water Heater, Dual Flush Toilet & Low Flow Faucets)
6. Solar Panels
7. Energy Efficient Windows (Low E Glazing; superior "U" Value)
8. Sustainable/Low-Maintenance Siding and Roofing (Cement Board & Metal Siding / Investment Grade Metal Roof)
9. Rain Water Catchment System
10. Composite Decking (Made from recycled materials)

4 Bedroom, 2 Floor Prefab House, Germany

About Daniel Libeskind

ProjectThe Villa
DesignDaniel Libeskind
Area515 sq.m (Building Footprint: 26m x 22m, max height 11m)
LocationDatteln, Germany
PhotographyLibeskind, Frank Marburger

Features of this 4 bedroom, 2 floor prefab house are seamless transitions between spaces, strong geometries and drastic angles. That prefab house can be delivered anywhere in the world and assembled in a few weeks. The structure meets the highest standards in sustainability, craftsmanship and design. That prefab house is classified as a low-energy building as it successfully complies with the German energy-saving standards, which indicates less than 40 kWh/m²a heat consumption.

Description from architects

This four bedroom, two-floor prefab house while completed in Germany can be constructed and shipped to almost any location in the world within months and assembled by a team of experts within weeks.

Made of wood from renewable sources, zinc, and aluminum, the 5,000 square foot, German-made structure meets the highest standards of design and craftsmanship and complies with the highest energy-saving standards in the world.

The prefabricated structure is composed of three interlocking ribbons with striking angles, creating an asymmetrical, double height, and dynamic interior.  The Villa fills a niche in the residential market between the one-off custom home and the mass productions; the structure is customizable, made to order and delivered to the site in a fraction of the time of a ground-up construction.  Details include the elaborate metalwork of the balcony off the master bedroom, light wells directing daylight into a sauna and recessed wardrobes.