2500 ft² Prefab Modular House, Mexico

Drawings/Floor plans/Sections
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Architects: VTALLER, Tropico de Arquitectura, TALLER DOS
Construction: TALLER DOS
Year: 2015
Location: Zapopan, Mexico
Representation: SEE 3D
Area: 230 m² (2500 ft²)

The proposal of the 2500 ft² prefab modular house arises from the search for a theme of using the interior space and the optimization of the use of materials to find a practical and efficient decision for construction and living space design. The client is an architect and builder, focused on the economic factor, fast construction process and maintaining a contemporary and elegant design.

The prefab modular house responds to a modular structural solution, leaving the apparent materials to act on their own. Steel as a structural element makes it possible to create openings that can be resolved with light walls and wooden panels, which are integrated between them to create the building's personality.

The space is open with the solution of offering sufficient natural light and cross ventilation on its two facades, the project is solved with a patio that generates activity on the ground floor, and acts as the heart of the prefab modular house. A double height ceiling generates breadth and connection from the entrance and there is a terrace that connects the interior with the exterior through a pergola.

The façade is resolved with a shutter that has the right angle so that the eastern sun does not enter directly into the interior, but as a soft and indirect light, creating an intimate and private atmosphere in the main room. In the wooden front there are modular doors that act as blinds for the same treatment of views, sun protection and privacy.

The prefab modular house achieves a formal abstraction by searching for the shape by itself, so that the decisions made are specific and functional, resulting in an order of natural elegance.

Drawings/Floor plans/Sections


Emotion as the engine of creativity, driven by the memory of our ancestors and current cultural needs. Living requires the knowledge and responsibility that only an interdisciplinary team and conscious architecture can offer.

Since its creation, V Taller has developed a large number of projects at different scales, ranging from the design of master plans, mixed-use towers, hotels, commercial architecture, cultural spaces, industry, offices, exhibition halls to single-family residential housing, In the span of these years, V Workshop has had the opportunity to collaborate with different firms, which include: Estudio Macías Peredo, Estudio Luis Aldrete, CoA Arquitectura, Estudio Hidalgo, MO + G Arquitectura, Jorge Alberto Muñoz (JAM), Lázaro Estudio, Trópico de Arquitectura, Santoscreativos, Hilada Arquitectos, AI Taller, among others. Currently the workshop has focused on the development of architecture in natural environments, in understanding and valuing the interaction of nature and human beings and in the experience that this interaction can provide, the search to contribute at a natural and human level. This exploration arises due to the opportunity to project in different environments such as Morocco, Colombia, different points of Baja California Sur, on the Costa de Nayarit and Quintana Roo, Yucatán, as well as in natural contexts of the Jalisco region.

V Workshop originates 6 years ago, from a collaboration between Daniel Villanueva and Miguel Valverde, who already had the experience of carrying personal offices. At the same time, the office expanded with two associates, Lorena Aguilar, focused on developing the construction of the projects and with previous experience in the architect team. & victor valverde for master plan development, research and office management, in turn victor valverde (santoscreativos) with previous experience in offices such as Mauricio rocha, arquitectura 911, fernando romero (FREE), hernandez silva & among others.

Daniel Villanueva and Miguel Valverde are graduates of ITESO. Miguel Valverde also has a master's degree in advanced collective housing studies from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, as well as graduates in land construction and a postgraduate degree from the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey in real estate development. and with previous collaboration in winning contests with macias peredo & luis aldrete studio. For his part, Daniel Villanueva has several years of experience in the development of projects due to his collaboration with different offices in which the Grupo Constructor GVA and ARGDL are located, as well as participating in different competitions at national and international level such as ARQUINE. Media Park (Honorable Mention, 2011) and the Wine Cultural Center in Italy (finalist, 2014).

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About Tropico de Arquitectura

Reading the tools provided by time and discovering the possibilities of the space in which each project is carried out is a principle in the work of Trópico de Arquitectura, a group of architects that locates their activity between architecture, landscape and urban planning, based on the Guadalajara city, Mexico.

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2500 ft² Prefab Modular House, Mexico