Gomos System Modular Prefab Reinforced Concrete Homes

Drawings, floor plans
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Area998 m² (10742 ft²)
LocationCambra Valley, Portugal
PhotographsFernando Guerra | FG + SG
ManufacturersFTS - Technical Solutions, Farcimar
Project TeamSamuel Gonçalves, Inês Rodrigues, João Meira, Gonçalo Vaz de Carvalho
Building Structures And NetworksFTS - Technical Solutions
Electricity and CommunicationsAproj
Pre Fabrication And AssemblyFarcimar, Precast Concrete Solutions

After making a prototype and exhibiting at the Venice Biennale, SUMMARY presents a new project, using exclusively prefabricated and modular construction systems. The requirements of this project were clear and were defined from the first moment: the construction would have to be fast, economical and modifiable over time, depending on the different needs that could arise. The content of this order led the studio to use prefabricated elements and to leave parts of the project undefined, assuming the speed of construction, flexibility and optimization of resources as central themes.

The two programs that make up the building are positioned on two different floors: the ground floor is occupied by multifunctional service areas, in direct contact with the public road; the upper floor is intended for housing units (six 45m² rooms). An independent access is created for each of these programs, positioned at different levels, taking advantage of the natural slope of the terrain. Prefabricated structural panels perimetrically delimit and support the ground floor, which was designed to allow changing the layout and number of the interior partition walls, or simply eliminating them, transforming this whole area into a large open space.

The upper floor is entirely composed of modules from the Gomos System. Considering that the maximum area to be built legally allowed was very limited, the required empty space is used as a separator of the various housing units. Conceived and licensed as a fraction of collective housing, with these separations, this part of the project incorporates the main advantages of single-family housing: clearly individualized entrances and a complete acoustic separation between the different units.

The prefabricated reinforced concrete, predominant in the structure and composition of the building, is assumed to be visible in all its extension (inside and outside), without paintings or coatings, a fact that contributes to the reduction of costs and the environmental impact of this construction, by the suppression of additional materials and labor inherent in its application. This economy of resources and workforce also results in an accelerated construction process: the different components of the building are completed in the factory and are assembled in site in their final shape and finish, while solving structural, insulation and cladding issues.

Drawings, floor plans

Gomos System

The Gomos System is the result of a business R&D project and consists of a modular system in reinforced concrete that presents a concrete and effective response to the contemporary need to simplify and speed up construction processes. It is an evolutionary system in which each of the modules (or buds) leaves the factory completely ready, including all interior and exterior finishes, insulation, window frames, water and electricity installations and even fixed furniture pieces. The assembly of the building in loco is done in a few days, simply adding these modules. The construction process is thus summarized in four phases:

  1. production of the structure, 
  2. finishes and installations, 
  3. transport,
  4. assembly.

From a technical point of view, we highlight four essential factors that drove the development of this project:

Flexibility - its design makes this a flexible system, which can be used for different programs in addition to housing, allowing for extensions after construction (through the addition of new buds) or adaptations to different terrain conditions;

Ease of transport - the modeling has been optimized in order to facilitate transport, while ensuring a dimensioning that complies with all applicable legislation;

Energy efficiency - the options adopted, both in terms of interior compartmentalization - which defines natural ventilation corridors - and in terms of insulation, air-conditioning and lighting solutions, allow the obtainment of low energy consumption buildings;

Constructive quality - the production of all components is carried out in a factory environment, under highly controlled conditions, which translates into previously tested solutions, avoiding constructive pathologies so often seen in traditional construction.

The development of the project results from a partnership between twenty companies from different areas, from prefabrication to technology and industrial automation. In this case, the function of architecture is to make the synthesis, that is, to take advantage of the know-how of each company in order to enhance each characteristic of the system. The first unit, built in Arouca, Portugal, demonstrates the essentials of this project: here the important thing is not only the final result but above all the simplification and efficiency of the entire construction process.


SUMMARY is an architectural studio based in the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto.
Seeking the balance between pragmatism and experimentalism, SUMMARY develops building systems assuming the optimization of time and physical resources as the core theme of its practice.


Samuel Gonçalves_architect | founder
Inês Vieira Rodrigues_architect | project manager
João Meira_architect
Luca Sabbadini_architect |VR programmer


Efterpi Spanelli, Gergana Georgieva, Valentin Lorfevre, Sara Perfetti, Adina Staicu, Borbála Papp, Clémentine Daridon-Le Brun, Giacomo Tacchi, Giulia Mazzoletti, Stelios Polyviou


2017 Red Dot Award – winner
2018 Serralves Itinerant Pavilion – among the 3 selected projects
2018 Yap Maxxi – shortlisted
2018 40 under 40 European Design Award – winner


2016 La Biennale di Venezia – 15th International Architecture Exhibition (Italy)
2017 Red Dot Design Museum of Singapure
2018 Serralves Foundation – Work in Progress (Portugal)
2018 Maxxi National Museum of 21st Century Arts – Yap Maxxi (Italy)
2018 Mirabilia – Le Città Invisibili di Italo Calvino– Antilia Gallery, Bari (Italy)
2018 NLA – Factory-made housing: a solution for London?, NLA galleries, London (UK)
2019 MAM – Mês da Arquitetura da Maia – Fast Forward, Maia (Portugal)
2018 Curatorial Project: The Reasons Offsite – Tirana Architecture Week, POLIS University – Tirana (Albania)
2019 Curatorial Project: The Reasons Offsite – Boston Society of Architects/AIA – Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
2019 Projeto Curatorial – The Reasons Offsite – University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)

AddressR. do Monte Cativo 258, 4050-399 Porto, Portugal
Phone+351 22 073 1376

About Farcimar

The key of success of FARCIMAR is mostly the capacity to create new precast concrete prefab products and the improvement of the existing ones, turning available, at the work site all the advantages of precasting for prefab construction.

Nowadays, FARCIMAR combining its technical and productive knowledge with other modern equipments has all the conditions to answer any specific and immediate needs of their customers, resulting from diferent prefab projects requirements.

Considering that more important than the past, the future growth will absolutely depend on the continuously capacity to Innovate FARCIMAR has created in 2011 the Innovation Department responsible for coordinating and managing all Research & Development activities.

The implementation of the Innovating procedures at FARCIMAR, which presents the vision of generating and controlling the knowledge applied to the precast concrete prefab homes, will facilitate through the creation of new concrete prefab products and solutions, the entrance into the external markets and their consolidation.

FARCIMAR is present in the prefab construction market with a diverse range of precast concrete products directed to both public and private works, in civil construction markets, means of communication and agriculture.

However, it has a series of articles which are, in general, on the three sectors mentioned above being used for water drainage and other hydraulic works.

Having a wide range of prefab products and modular solutions which goes from light to heavy precasting, FARCIMAR is increasing its offers from year to year, giving answer to the construction markets demands, being nowadays a reference in the solution of soil retaining (walls), in Box-Culvert ( small and large dimensions), as well as Bleachers/Grandstands solutions and prefab noise barriers, among others.

In addition to the products mentioned above, FARCIMAR within its technical Department is properly qualified to develop the necessary studies, in order to present the solution and respective prices to the production of a new product “Non Standard” to respond to what is desired.

AddressZona Industrial Farrapa, Chave, Aveiro, Portugal
Phone+351 256 464 442

Gomos System Modular Prefab Reinforced Concrete Homes