1100 sqft Kullman Frame System Modular House, Michigan

Floor plans
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ArchitectureGarrison Architects
ProjectKoby Cottage
Area1,100 sqft
LocationAlbion, MI, United States

This 1100 sqft modular house design is composed of two intersecting diagonal axes centered around social area - dining room as a meeting place. One axis incorporates the bedrooms, the other axis includes the living room and public entry hall. The design consists of two modules and uses new modular technology - Kullman Frame System (KFS), which allows build modular homes of prefabricated steel hollow tube frames. This prefabricated system has capacity to achieve 12 stories height and uses patented connection technology that speeds the overall construction process and minimizes field finishing.

Description by architects

Koby Cottage was designed to accommodate families visiting their children attending a boarding school for troubled teens. Surrounded by nature, it provides a peaceful, private domestic setting for reuniting families.

The eleven hundred square foot cottage has an X-shaped plan formed by joining two prefabricated steel modules. One wing is for parents, the other for their child. A dining table is situated where the two wings cross to create a place for meeting, discussion and to express family bonds. The structure is raised above the ground and the space between the modules is sheathed with glass to show the landscape as continuous and nature as enveloping.

Koby is a prototype constructed using the KFS (Kullman Frame System), an extremely strong and efficient modular space frame consisting of hollow tubular steel that allows for large cantilevers and window openings. The structural system was developed for the construction of multi-story modular buildings. Its tubular steel space frame has the unique capacity to achieve heights of twelve stories using patented connections that minimize field finishing and speed the overall construction process. The cottage features a high level of craftsmanship and detail as well as number of high performance components.