How To Make Your Air Conditioning System More Reliable

In most prefab and modular homes, the air conditioning system makes a significant contribution to your monthly utility bill, especially during the summer season. Many homeowners have a common question about making their conditioning system more reliable and efficient.

If you want to cut down on your monthly utility bill, make it a priority to find ways to make your AC unit more reliable. Improving the efficiency of your unit can help you save money and prolong its lifespan. When you don't have time to maintain your home's heating and cooling systems, reputable companies like Dowd Heat & Air and others are a good place to start.

There are a few things you can do to improve the reliability of your air conditioning system, especially during the summer.

Schedule A Routine Maintenance Inspection

A professional tune-up of your cooling system will ensure that it operates at peak performance and efficiency. Leaving your unit in poor shape can cause it to strain to keep your prefab home comfortable, significantly reducing its efficiency and causing your utility bills to skyrocket. The majority of system failures in most modular homes are due to poor maintenance.

Unblock And Vacuum The Vents

Keeping the vents clear of debris is one of the best ways to improve the reliability of your air conditioning unit. Make it a priority to inspect the vents, which are usually on the ceiling or the floor.

If you want to boost overall efficiency, consider doing the following as part of routine maintenance.

  • Remove any debris or dirt from the indoor air supply vents to ensure steady airflow through your system.
  • Aside from dirt or debris buildup, make sure all vents aren't blocked and stay clear.
  • Check for blockage due to toys, blinds, furniture, or rugs.

Cover The Windows If Possible

Covering the windows in your home is one way to improve the reliability of your air conditioning unit. During the day, close any window treatments to block out the sun.

Keep in mind that this is critical if you want to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system in your prefab home. Once you cover the windows, it helps lessen the amount of heat entering your prefab home. It prevents the AC unit from straining to maintain a comfortable environment in your modular home.

Another consideration is to close the curtains and blinds when you leave for work in the morning. Doing so will ensure your prefab home stays cool during the day. Upon arriving home, you can open the curtains or blinds to enjoy the late afternoon sun.

Invest In A Dehumidifier

If you don't have a dehumidifier, you might want to invest in one before summer arrives. Eliminating the humidity in your modular home will ensure a comfortable indoor environment. When using a dehumidifier in conjunction with fans, consider raising the temperature of the air conditioning unit above 78 degrees.

Clear The Drain Line

You can find the drain next to the indoor cooling coil. Generally, it's going to be over your furnace in the basement, if you have one. When clearing the drain line, pour chlorine bleach down the drain and rinse it thoroughly with water. It can keep the drain clear during the summer season.

Ensuring that the drain line is clear will prevent any water-related issues from developing. Once the drain ends up with blockage, it can result in serious efficiency concerns. Additionally, make sure the drain lines outside your prefab home aren't buried under dirt or mulch.

Protect Your Outdoor Unit From The Sun

The summer heat and direct exposure to the sun can take their toll on your outdoor unit. The heat can significantly affect the unit, forcing it to work harder to cool your modular home.

You can lessen the strain and wear and tear on your outdoor unit by placing shade over it. Remember to only provide shade without obstructing the airflow in any way.

Landscaping will play an important role in protecting your unit from the sun. Planting trees or shrubs around the unit helps it function more efficiently. However, maintain a distance of two to three feet from your unit to maintain airflow while making it accessible for maintenance and repairs.

Change The Filter

Once your air conditioning system achieves maximum airflow, you'll have assurance that it'll operate at maximum efficiency. Sadly, having a dirty filter can bring about a significant impact.

Dirty filters can cause a drop in the indoor air quality and reduce the airflow, causing the unit to work harder. As part of routine maintenance, regularly change the air filters as a simple way to prevent efficiency problems from developing. However, if you overlook this issue, it can result in costly repairs.

Clean The Area Around The Condenser Unit

The outdoor unit of your air conditioning unit will continue to function efficiently if you keep it clean and free of debris. Remember, though, that cleaning the condenser can be tricky, so it's best to know the basics and how to do it properly. When your outdoor AC unit requires a thorough cleaning, consider hiring a professional to tackle the task for you since they utilize the proper methods to prevent serious damage.

Final Thoughts

Summer is a much-anticipated time of year for outdoor adventures and family fun, but it also brings the heat. Keeping a comfortable environment in your prefab home during the summer and knowing how to make your air conditioning system more reliable should be a priority for any homeowner.

When you want your cooling system to be reliable in providing your modular home with a comfortable environment, especially during the summer season, these valuable pointers will ensure your air conditioning unit is ready. Keeping your air conditioning unit in optimum condition with routine maintenance by a professional along with these tips will greatly help in keeping your unit reliable for years to come.