800 sq ft Prefab Modular Home in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

Three on Abbott is a development of three prefabricated, detached homes on the corner of Voltaire & Abbott streets in Ocean Beach. The homes are located near San Diego's best attractions. The project is sensitive to the area's wants and wishes, conforming by-right to all local zoning and ordinances. It was constructed off-site to minimize disturbance to the community and surrounding businesses and are sustainably designed with the area in mind. Large roof decks offer 180 degree views to the water from the channel to the North to the Pacific to the West.

Assembly process
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ProjectThree on Abbott
BuildersR&S Tavares Associates, Champion Home Builders
Area about 800 sq ft
Full baths3
LocationSan Diego, California
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Description from R&S Tavares Associates

R&S Tavares Associates, Inc., brings contemporary prefab living to Ocean Beach, a charming beach community close to San Diego's downtown. The project was an effort of Pedro Tavares who started researching the project while attending Woodbury University's Master of Real Estate Development for Architects program in San Diego, headed by Ted Smith, Jonathan Segal, Lloyd Russell, Brett Farrow and Mike Burnett, giants in the San Diego Architect as Developer model. The 800 sq ft modular homes project was first explored as part of their thesis in that program and continued past graduation where Pedro and a colleague designed, permitted and completed the project as owner-builders.

R&S Tavares Associates, a design and consulting company started by Ralph and Silvana Tavares, also partners in the project, performed the engineering and authored the construction documents for the project. Ralph and Silvana are the country's foremost experts in Modular/Prefabricated building technologies, having worked for various manufacturers throughout the United States since 1987 and branching off on their own in 2000, they have been directly responsible for the design and engineering of thousands of modular projects worldwide from "tiny homes," 100,000+ square foot hospitals and award winning projects such as RADLAB's Quartyard project in San Diego which received a people's choice orchid and Studio E's High Tech High in Chula Vista which won an AIA COTE award. Ralph holds professional Engineering licenses in 42 states currently and Silvana is a New York licensed Architect.

Manufactured and shipped from Champion Home Builders in Corona, CA, the homes were built under extremely rigid constraints imposed by local zoning. They are about 800 square feet each, a block from Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, San Diego. They feature floor to ceiling heights of 13'-0", and are very unique in terms of modular structures in that they contain balloon-framed loft spaces within and overall total module heights of 15'-0" (4.5 meters), utilizing special trailers to keep their overall shipping height under the 17 foot special permit restriction in California. A large roof deck with panoramic views of the water is accessible in each house. Portuguese cobblestone from Porto, Portugal was imported to the Port of Los Angeles along with three Portuguese master masons to create the Copacabana Boardwalk pattern on the driveways by Roc2C.

On-site construction started April 25, 2016 and production of the modules started May 9th. The 800 sq ft modular home project was set in one day by Nick Rocco of Rocco Enterprises on May 26th, ahead of schedule to comply with the City of San Diego's Coastal Construction Moratorium which would have not allowed for a crane to be set in the road past Memorial Day.

Modular home assembly process

Modular home floor plans

About R&S Tavares Associates

Good design comes from our 35+ years experience in the industry. Our innovative offsite construction practices allow us to streamline project completion and assemble buildings in a more efficient, quality controlled environment.

With talented Designers on staff we can offer a level of design & consulting service uncommon to many of our colleagues. We have the experience needed to bring a project through from planning to construction. With experience designing theatres, stadiums and hotels, residential and commercial, modular, stick-built and panelized construction.

We offer over 40 years of experience in Structural Design across all facets of construction in any material. Our specialties include structural steel, concrete, wood frame, light gauge steel, aluminum and fiberglass structures. We currently hold Professional Engineering licenses in 43 States and are heavily involved with the design of prefab, pre-engineered, modular and panelized building systems as well as emerging construction technologies. We have been active in pursuing these new technologies and can help with ICC code approvals, finite element analysis and develop testing protocol.

Our 20+ years pioneering the modular industry places us in a unique position to offer support to anyone wanting to make a leap into modular. Pre-fabrication is quickly becoming a sought-after method of construction for those looking towards more sustainable construction practices and expedited timelines. Modular construction in the United States currently accounts for 3% of all new construction... we'd like your project to be the next percentile.

Our capable Investigative Engineering staff has been providing services for the insurance industry and other clients since our inception. We can address a variety of issues pertaining to failing structural members as well as code assessment issues and repair.

Address11777 Bernardo Plaza Court, Suite 105, San Diego, CA 92128

About Champion Home Builders

For decades, Champion has served as a leader in the manufactured housing industry and one of the largest modular homebuilders in North America. Our manufactured homes, modular homes, mobile homes, park models and commercial modular buildings can be found throughout the United States and western Canada.

Champion offers many factory-built solutions, from single-family and multi-family homes to commercial and government buildings. Our manufactured homes, modular homes and mobile homes are distributed through a large and growing network of retailers, builders and developers. As a result, you’ll find Champion-built structures in a variety of neighborhoods — from rural to urban and everything in between.

Project websitehttps://www.threeonabbott.com/

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800 sq ft Prefab Modular Home in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California