Prefab Modular Villa, Collonges, Switzerland

Floor plans
About Pierre-Alain Dupraz

ArchitecturePierre-Alain Dupraz
CollaboratorsJulian Behrens, Nicola Chong, Pierre Mencacci, Marie Huck, Jonathan Slaby
LocationCollonges, Switzerland
PhotosThomas Jantscher

Description by the project team 

Located at the base of the mountain overlooking the Geneva basin, the 'house in Collonges', designed by the Swiss office Pierre-Alain Dupraz Architects. Built for a single family, the prefab modular villa is constructed from a series of rectangular prefabricated concrete boxes, paired and stacked one on the side - and on top - of the other, in order to shape the dwelling to the sloping landscape and accommodate programmatic needs.

The south axis rests on a geographic shelf where are the entrance, dining, kitchen, living room and master bedroom areas. The children's bedrooms are found on the lower level, embedded in the slope, overlooking the valley. The neutral gray of the exposed concrete facade is interrupted by light frames and square wooden windows, allowing the prefab modular villa to naturally blend in with its surroundings in green summers and white winters.

Floor plans

About Pierre-Alain Dupraz

Born on 8 june 1967, Pierre-Alain Dupraz is a swiss architect in geneva. He started its training at the age of fifteen years by learning and in 1991 has received its architect diploma. In parallel with his studies, he collaborated in various offices before starting his activity as an independent in 1995. He became a member of the Federation of Swiss architects in 2002 and, the same year, founded the office of Pierre-Alain Dupraz. It is regularly invited as an expert in the high schools of Swiss architecture and teached the works of art at the High School of Engineering and Architecture of Friborg. It participates frequently in exhibitions, conferences, seminars and contest juries.

Pierre-Alain Dupraz has obtained many prizes in the competitions of architecture, urbanism and art works. It particularly illustrated by winning four competition of great importance in geneva: that for the bridge of Mont-Blanc, the mandate of parallel studies international of urbanism of the pav etoile, the competition of ideas for the amenacement of the rade, as well as the international architecture competition for the City of Music. It was also rewarded by several appointments and distinctions for the Prangin school, as well as the 2016 sia geneva award for the construction of the Peace Gateway.

His work is widely published in Swiss and international architecture reviews. Two monographs give it a tribute: the "59 de aedibus" of the quart verlag editions, 2015 (lucerne), retracts its course since its beginnings, as "The topography in architecture 2002-2017" of the quadernos tc editions, 2017 (valence), includes the projects presented in spring 2017 at the paris architecture gallery.

The projects developed and carried out by Pierre-Alain Dupraz are of different nature and size but have several aspects in common. The design of its works is as well as the context as construction methods. The topography in which its achievements is indisociable of the project, it becomes sometimes the central theme.

Award-winning Competitions


3rd Prize of the Competition for the Construction of a Housing Building in Room G2 of the Plq Le Rolliet in Plan-les-ouates, for the Emma Kammacher Foundation


1st Prize for a Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge, in Crissier_Vaud

3rd Prize for a Housing Building for Codha and Cpsa, in Vernier_Genève


1st Prize of the International Architecture Competition by Invitation for the City of Music of Geneva

1st Prize of the Idea Competition for the Development of the Rade of the City of Geneva

Winner With Rdr Architects, of 2 Lots of the L’orée District of Crissier_Vaud


1st Prize for 3 Housing Buildings in Ppe in Vandœuvres_Genève

3rd Row for Public Equipment in the Quartier De L’étang in Vernier_Genève

2nd Prize for the Construction of Housing in Grands-esserts_Genève


1st Mention, 2nd Row for a Housing Building in Claire-vue Lancy_Genève

4th Prize for the School Group at the Ambilly Municipalities in Thônex_Genève


Winner of the Mandate for International Parallel Studies in Three-degree Urban Planning for the Star Sector, Praille Acacias Vernets (Pav) _Genève

4th Prize for a Codha Building in the Grottes_Genève District

Finalist for the Caserne Des Vernets District, Pav Vernets_Genève


2nd Row for 3 Housing Buildings, La Chapelle District in Lancy_Genève


1st Prize for the Pedestrian and Cycling Crossing of La Rade_Genève


1st Prize for a Children's and Uape School in Prangins_Vaud


3rd Prize for the Ecoquartier at La Jonction_Genève


Finalist of the Thyssenkrupp Elevator Architecture Award for the Building of the "Tall Emblem Structure" in Za'abeel_Dubaï Park


3rd Prize for a Forest Building in Villars-Tiercelin_Vaud


1st Prize for a Medico-social Establishment in Rolle_Vaud

4th Prize for the Enlargement of the Estavayer-le-Lac_Friborg Orientation Cycle


Winner of a Private Competition for a Housing Building in Prangins_Vaud


2nd Prize for the Covered Trench of Val D’arve in Carouge_Genève

First Mention for the Ceva Railway Bridge in Carouge_Genève

1st Prize for the Passerelle De La Paix_Genève


6th Prize for the German School in Vernier_Genève


1st Prize for the Nursery and Development of a Public Park in Saint-Jean_Genève

Finalist of the International Competition for Young Architect Yaya_Corus / Building Design_Londres


4th Prize for the Tambourine School in Carouge_Genève


1st Prize for the Rehabilitation of a Rural in Grandvillard, Ferme Borcard_Friborg

1st Prize for the Reconstruction of a Rural in Grandvillard, Ferme Berset_Friborg


6th Prize for the New Ethnography Museum at Place Charles-Sturm_Genève


1st Prize for the Peschier_Genève School Group


1st Prize for a Gymnastics Room and a Rescue Center in Chêne-Bougeries_Genève

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Prefab Modular Villa, Collonges, Switzerland