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MIMA Light - Small Prefab House

MIMA Light floor plans
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What does it take to own a home? MIMA Light shows that a construction site, 22 weeks time and € 20,000 can already be enough. The idea of ​​a small house, customizable in size and features, is as simple as it is ingenious. The result is a functional design sculpture that also withstands a look behind the façade.

It takes just 22 weeks from personal design, through production and construction, to your own dream home. Whether on the shores of a lake or in the mountains, the basic concept is adaptable and adapts to local conditions. Individual foundation solutions range from concrete floor slabs or supports to special wood foundations. The wooden small modular house has short construction period due to modular system of building elements. At the construction site, the prefabricated modules are only assembled.

For the design of the small units MIMA was inspired by different artists. The sculptural cube seems to float above the ground. It owes this impression to an all-round mirrored pedestal. The other materials shine with noble restraint: Noble metal coating or simple color, every owner can give a MIMA Light a personal touch.

Depending on the customer's requirements, 1.2 meter modules will give a total length between seven and eleven, with a fixed height and width of 3 meters. This results in floor areas of 21 m2 for the smallest, and almost 33 m2 for the largest unit. The individual modules are clearly visible to the outside and act like chain links. A flat roof and internal gutters complete the pure geometry.

The interior is also reserved. Floor and walls made of plywood boards ground the innovative project. While large glass fronts provide a friendly ambience on the front side, it is also possible to make individual façade modules as glass surfaces. Depending on the location, for example in extremely warm conditions, the glass is made thicker and with higher level of protection.

Not only architectural design, but also energy technology puts a lot in this small prefab house. Solar panels are used for the electric boiler, which guarantees the hot water supply.

Kitchen and bathroom form a compact module that can be placed centrally or at one end of the MIMA Light small prefab house. Their position is decisive for the shape of living room and bedroom.

The compact home opens up new perspectives in tourism as well as in the holiday home market and with prices between € 20,000 and € 40,000 is not only affordable for high earners.

MIMA Light floor plans

MIMA Light video

MIMA Light - Small Prefab House

MIMA House - Prefab Modular House

Floor plans
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MIMA prefab modular house is an exquisite dwelling that is unique for its ability to be reconfigured by the owners in project and still to keep its iconic form.

The prefab modular house has a square plan with the four facades being nearly identical. Corner posts support the roof so that the intervening walls can be entirely glass. The exterior styling is unabashedly modern with clean lines and crisply folded edges.

The 36m2 (387.5 ft2) of inside floor area is divided into a 1.5m (4’11’’) grid by integrated tracks in the floor and ceiling. The interior wall system consists of frames that are snapped into place in the tracks. As a result, the rooms can be expanded or reduced in increments of 1.5 m. Finish panels are then attached to both sides of the wall frames. The finish panels are available in a variety of colors or wood veneer. They can have different colors on either side, so the decor of the house can be changed just by flipping the panels over. Similar panels can be used to cover the windows as needed for privacy or to block out unwanted sunlight and views.

High Standard Modular Design

MIMA prefab modular house is the result of many years of investigations and experiments. It combines both high standard design with a multifunctional space and can be requested for different typologies. Its space is available for permanent or temporary housing, business offices, commercial purposes, and a lot more, always refined with the best design.

Adaptable to All Sites

Our investigations and experiments led us to a solid and innovative construction methodology that allows us to easily design the best solution for all geographic sites in a short time. MIMA prefab modular house process involves a very flexible system whose components are perfectly selected according to site specifications and climate conditions.

Extended Guarantee

All the materials and components of a MIMA prefab modular house are selected according to their high qualities, in order to provide the best experience and comfort to its owners. All of our products are tested and certified to guarantee an extended and better lifetime. Our work is to compromise beauty with efficiency and high quality.

Customizable Price

You can choose between an open space or an equipped prefab modular house. If you decide for an equipped house, MIMA modular house includes interior walls, doors, downlights, wardrobe, bathroom, boiler and kitchen. The price varies depending on the type, components and finishes of MIMA prefab modular house you choose. You may also adjust the final price to your own budget.

MIMA House Floor Plans

MIMA House Structure Details

MIMA House Engineering Systems

About MIMA

MIMA is a multidisciplinary design office that focuses simultaneously on the formulation of architectural concepts and in their conversion to reality, under the form of simple and accessible products. MIMA intends to be more than an architecture office, and rather epitomize a brand new philosophy of simplification and seduction that will gradually apply to the most varied scales of architecture.


Prefab Modular Homes by MIMA