How to Make Your Prefab Small Home Layout Feel Bigger

It seems that a growing trend among homeowners is to live in a smaller space. Gone are the days when the majority of homeowners longed for huge homes. Today’s homeowners prefer smaller spaces that require less time and expense for upkeep. However, even though the trend is to go smaller when it comes to home size, there is still a significant need to maximize the space that one has.

If you are looking to downsize to a smaller space or you are already in a small space, know that it doesn’t have to create a feeling of limitation. In addition to maximizing the use of space to ensure optimal storage without a feeling of clutter, there are other ways that homeowners can make their small homes feel bigger. This said, the process of making your space feel larger does start with organization. From built-ins, sneaky storage such as ottomans that open up and hold blankets within, to the strategic arrangement of your furniture, and the use of glass doors, it is indeed possible to create the look and feel of a large space.

Tips to make that small home feel bigger

In a prefab small home, every bit of space truly matters. When small spaces aren’t properly designed or maximized, it can create a look of crowding and can cause inhabitants to feel uncomfortable. In fact, small spaces are often associated with stress, anxiety, and claustrophobia. This means that homeowners need to take the time to think through their small spaces so that they can be best utilized and enjoyed.

Aside from the suggestions above tied to organization, consider the following handy suggestions to make your room seem to grow from within.

Keep your colors light. This can’t be reinforced enough. Dark walls and dark furniture, especially when used in combination, will make a space feel tight and limiting. But a light and neutral wall color will encourage that feeling of openness. And if you really like those darker colors, reserve that for your throw pillows and some accent pieces.

Incorporate stripes into your design. The long lines from the stripes will help to make the room long longer. Consider the use of stripes in your floor rug (though be sure to measure for the right rug size before purchasing), or even on the walls (vertical stripes are best).

Create a focal point with wall shelving that drives the eye upward. Not only is shelving great for storage (as long as it is not cluttered), it will add character to the room as you can easily display favorite accent pieces.

Though this might seem counterintuitive, add oversized artwork to a large wall within your primary rooms. As long as you stick to one primary piece, the addition of this wall art will help create a trick of the eyes, making the room seem bigger than it really is.

Get that furniture up off the floor. Though many sofa and loveseat designs are created to set right on the floor, furniture legs can create height and the visual trick will also make you feel like you are in a roomier space. Selecting furniture with legs creates the opportunity for your eyes to move over and under the pieces, rather than halting the gaze, and this means that your eyes will think there is more to the room than there really is.

Look for furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Similar to the previous example of the ottoman that can store blankets, many furniture pieces can do more for your space than their intended purpose. For example, a television stand can also serve as a book-shelf underneath (or can create hidden storage for items that you might like to tuck away). Ottomans can also serve as coffee tables, and those television consoles can also serve as desks. Get creative so that you can create a room that is highly functional while also creating that look of a large space.

Add a mirror to your wall or replace wooden doors to certain rooms with glass doors. Large wall mirrors naturally expand a space and can serve multiple purposes in bedrooms when incorporated into a closet door. Mirrored closet doors make the room feel bigger and provide a dressing mirror. Glass doors naturally help the eye to keep traveling through space as well and create a modern look a well that many homeowners are going for.

Glass-top tables and shelves also help to create a cool and modern look and visually free up space in a room. Incorporating any glass into a smaller space can help as it allows the light to pass through and opens up the room.

In addition to the above suggestions, be sure to think through your approach to lighting in your small spaces. Diyza can help with that. Consider the use of ambient, overhead, and accent lighting to illuminate the room. And most importantly, incorporate natural lighting wherever you can. Allowing the natural light from the sun is good to create a feeling of spaciousness, but it is also good for your health.