Prefab Modular Home Additions / Extensions

Canonbury - Brick Facade Prefab Home Addition, London, UK

Architects EVONORT, Bernhard von Erlach Architekt
Project Team ROB Technology AG, EVONORT, Bernhard von Erlach Architekt
Project Year 2019
Photographs Paul Tyagi
Brick facade ROBmade facade by Keller Systeme AG
Engineering For façade Keller Systeme AG, Zürich
Consultants AMA Consulting Engineers, Built Physics Limited
Contractor John Perkins Projects Ltd, London
Prefab addition area 98 sqm (1000 sqft)
Manufacturers Yorkstone Supplies, Cerrig Slate Granite, Sue Whimster, Victory Works, Sarnafil, Robert McNell & Associates, ROBmade Façade, Diespecker and Company, Glasstec Systems, John Perkins Projects, Nemetschek, Kelesto Clinker - Volcano, ROB Technologie AG, Cantifix

The ideas behind the brick façade combine London's heritage with innovative robot masonry.

The architects behind the design of this residential brick facade prefab home addition, Evonort and Bernhard von Erlach Architekt ETH SIA, wanted to use the freedom offered by computer design linked to robot manufacturing to achieve a bespoke façade. The rotations and changes of the bricks create a fluid curtain effect. Bold design is achieved using Brick Design software, which is a free plugin for Rhino. This results in an almost unrealistic play of light, with shadows seeming to dance across the surface of the building.

Swiss-produced Kelesto Klinker Volcano brick (Keller AG Ziegeleien) contrasts and complements the existing facade of the London Stock Brick. The prefab panels were produced robotically in Switzerland and assembled on site in a few days. Robot accuracy allows patterns to be produced perfectly and the use of glue ensures a structurally rigid panel.

The 100% digital process ensures that the final product looks like the 3D model because the 3D model data is transferred to the robots. ROBmade gives designers freedom to imagine new types of façades, wood or cork.

About Evonort

Evonort is an architecture and interior design studio with a broad and original portfolio of work including refurbishment and new build projects.

Address 1Unit 2a, Trafalgar Mews, London E9 5JG, United Kingdom
Phone 1+442085109311
Address 2Evonort, 65 Crown Street, Harrow on the Hill, Harrow, HA2 0HX, United Kingdom
Phone 2+4407976791290

About Bernhard von Erlach Architekt

Bernhard von Erlach, architect ETH SIA, has been running an architecture office in Bern since 1998.

He rebuilds historically important buildings and develops new buildings, which are strongly derived from the situation found. Finally, he prepares concept and feasibility studies and participates in competitions. As a city planner, he designs and manages area and area developments part-time in Urban Planning Office Bern.

The contextualization of a design is central to his work: layer by layer he exposes the story of an existing house or building site. He combines this cautious track-reading with questions of usability and the urban environment.

He transmits his deepening with the context and the place, as currently used habitat, to color, light and sound. With location, light and materiality, he creates a sensually appealing, atmospheric architecture that always points to the Genius Loci.

AddressBernhard von Erlach, dipl. Architekt ETH SIA, Kramgasse 5, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

Canonbury - Brick Facade Prefab Home Addition, London, UK

Steel Frame Prefab Home Addition, Brazil

Architects Jobim Carlevaro Architects, Marcos Jobim, Silvana Carlevaro
Project Year 2018
Photographs Leonardo Finotti
Project Team Gisele Vieira, Eduardo Piovesan, Marcela Karam
Execution Marcos Jobim, Carlos Lopes
Interiors Jader Almeida
Customers Terence Schauffert
Hydrosanitary Bormatto Engineering
Electrical project Bormatto Engineering
Climatization, hybrid solar / gas heating, exhaust Frigemar
Contractor Duarte
Manufacturers Cebrace, Deca, Portobello, Construsat, Viega, Prisma solar, KM Serralheria, Weiku, Trilho Sul, JB Mármores e granitos, Serralheria Blumenau, Jacuzzi, Multiformas, Taiff, Trussardi, BOSE, Sollos - Jader Almeida

Based on an exclusive hotel proposal, Casa Verde, at the Felissimo Exclusive Hotel in Balneário Camboriú, seeks to link architecture and nature through the available technology, sustainability principles and a good use of the natural conditions of the place.

Through a simplified deployment that respects the steep slope of the land, the suite, inserted in the intermediate level of the gap, can be accessed by a side staircase, which in itself already exposes the criterion of implementation of the building. From the stairs, access is from the lower level, starting from the grassy parking lot, or from the roof level, completely lined with vegetation to soften the internal temperatures and integrate with the landscape.

The steel frame prefab home addition solution allows for a single span and a designed front structural balance, sufficient to ensure the protection of vehicles in the parking lot. Demarcated by sheets of laminated glass with sun protection and the large articulated brises in certified façade cumaru wood, the structural balance alone defines the volume of the architecture, guides the perception of the surroundings and ensures visual impact.

Jobim Carlevaro Architects

With over 13 years of experience, JOBIM CARLEVARO Architects has in its curriculum projects of single family residential architecture, residential and corporate interiors, multifamily buildings, office buildings, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our head office is located in Florianópolis SC and we are one of the most recognized offices in the state with several awards and publications along the way. Our team of collaborators share our interest in architecture by creating a group committed to the results achieved.

Our professional activity aims to develop functional projects committed to the constructive and energy efficiency of buildings on any scale with a team of architects in the development of BIM projects.

We work with a network of engineering professionals and consultants in all the specialties necessary for the proper development of projects.

In our course we received the 2011 International Biennial of SP, Young Architects Award by the IAB –SP in 2007, Awards in National, International and recently twice in 1st place in the multi-family buildings category and 1st place in the residences category by ASBEA SC in the Award. Santa Catarina architecture in 2012 and 2014.

Also in 2016, we received the AsBEA Architecture Award in the home design category with the CASA CK house in Cacupé.

Partners Marcos Jobim and Silvana Carlevaro have three years of professional experience in Barcelona at the same time as PhD studies in Architectural Projects at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, as well as experience in developing numerous projects at different scales.

Architecture is understood as an art of building and in this sense we offer architectural solutions with keen technical rigor together with a network of engineering professionals.

AddressR. Alves de Brito, 406, Centro - CEP: 88015-440, Florianópolis - SC, Brazil
Phone 148 3879 3433
Phone 248 9124 9648

Steel Frame Prefab Home Addition, Brazil

Kitchen in 300 sqft Small Prefab Home Addition, Chile

Architects QdL Arquitectos
Area 27 sqm (300 sq ft)
Location Las Condes, Chile
Project Year 2016
Photographs María González
Materials Rothoblaas, Timber, DVP, Danpal

The kitchen in small prefab home addition project involves the intervention of an existing house on a very small plot within the city. The challenge was to implement a kitchen in an available space between walls where all natural light should enter only through a facade.

This facade was north and its materiality should allow maximum light in space. In addition, integration with the courtyard was a welcome opportunity.

To optimize construction in the small space, a wooden structure small prefab home addition was designed where all parts were prefabricated and assembled on site. A mounting system without screws or visible locksmiths was used for a clean and light appearance.

About QdL Arquitectos

Gabriela Larraín Queiroz

Pontifical Architect Catholic University of Chile 2005; Academic Excellence Award.
Experience in heritage projects, public spaces, agricultural and industrial equipment with an impact on the landscape.

Between 2005 and 2008, Carlos Elton and Associates Architects worked in the office, developing projects for residential buildings and offices.

In 2008 and 2011 he worked as a collaborating architect in public and state projects in Elemental.

AddressRenato Sánchez 3533, Las Condes, Santiago - Chile
Phone+562 2206 0014

Kitchen in 300 sqft Small Prefab Home Addition, Chile

Wooden Prefab Modular Addition on the Roof - Before and After



Project Urban Beat
Design WY-TO architects
Location Montreuil, Paris, France
Area 80 m²

The main concept of this wooden prefab modular addition on the roof project is to expand the area of ​​the small Parisian home. The client inherited her grandfather's house and seeks to keep family memories alive. The story goes on with the next generations that now inhabit the house.

Following current trends in France, as well as the Parisian "Roof on Roof" exhibition in 2015, the process of adding a new prefab floor to an existing structure is certainly in contrast to Tabula Rasa. In fact, it becomes a tool for contemporary urban densification by being deeply rooted in the past. It is certainly a respectful but also sustainable approach that WY-TO is developing here, as well as other similar projects.

It was decided to increase the vertical extension using a wooden prefab modular addition due to its specificities: light, fast and easy to assemble, clean construction site as well as the environment. It has been found to be the ideal response to the context. In parallel with this, customers can stay inside the house for the entire duration of construction.

The attachment has a simple but expressive form. Two blocks of different sizes are covered with wood finish, each using a different essence: poplar and pine. This abstract graphic composition resembles an urban beat that echoes in a respectful dialogue the proportions of immediate neighbors. From the outside, the simplicity and sobriety of the façade is unveiled in its rich and subtle interior.

In fact, this variation in height allows natural light to enter rooms through openings in the ceiling. In addition, the staircase in the heart of the house is bathed in light due to the generous windows. All these systems perfectly represent the exploration of various sources of natural light and a view according to the orientation of the spaces and their surroundings. For example, the wood cladding becomes cast where necessary to allow light to enter the space, preserving intimacy when facing the street.

WY-TO architects

WY-TO are multidisciplinary Architectural Designers based in Singapore and Paris, specialising in architecture, interior design, exhibition design and cultural curation. The Singapore practice was established in 2010 by founder, Yann Follain, and together with Pauline Gaudry, the Paris office was founded in 2012 to strengthen the multicultural portfolio of both offices by leveraging cultural exchanges, new forms of construction and synthesising disciplines for an integrative design approach. Our diversified knowledge has been built over multiple experiences developing and executing projects in various scales for clients in the residential, commercial, artistic exhibition and museum sectors.

Address in Paris, France40-42 Rue de la Réunion, 75020 Paris, France
Address in SingaporeBlock 34, Upper Cross Street #04-132, Singapore 050034 – Singapore

Wooden Prefab Modular Addition on the Roof - Before and After

Prefab Home Addition / Renovation, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Project Suntrap House
Design Anderson Architecture
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia

For Suntrap House architects, the quality of life of a home depends on its orientation to the sun. In this project, the original old house, located in the suburb of Lewisham, had south-facing living areas, meaning that the family spent most of their time in cold, dimly lit rooms. The prefab home addition / renovation project, by contrast, proposed solutions that would double the thermal efficiency of this part of the house from 3.2 to 6.4 stars.

For this growing family, which also included a dog, more space and a good connection to the yard were important factors, but improving the house's thermal conditions would be the highlight of the prefab home addition / renovation project. To bring light and warmth, the architects proposed the demolition of an old annex and the construction of a new, better designed one. It was important to maximize the budget and solve the problems, so the architects decided to reduce the number of bedrooms and balance by creating an expanded master suite on the upper floor.

The real power of the project, however, was the introduction of an internal courtyard. The house opened onto the sun in a strategically positioned patio with concrete walls and underfloor heating, which brought about the necessary heat gain for these old icy areas. Permeable covers let in the winter sun, while wall panels, prefab roof and double-glazed windows help keep indoor temperatures comfortable.

The kitchen, dining and living room gain another atmosphere. The floor of the old annex has been reused, transforming into the finish of the cabinets and a wooden ceiling above the kitchen. The swinging staircase adds a sculptural element to the side of the patio, but also allows the morning sun in, warming the residents' backs during breakfast.

Old kitchen bricks were reused as another wall, also serving as a strategic thermal mass in the backyard. Another element that also functions as thermal mass is the rainwater reuse system, which holds 1400 liters of water and supplies it for the garden. A horticulturist has captured customers' love for Australian native plants in a landscape project that promotes avifauna and local fauna. The theme continues into the inner courtyard, where the blackened trunks of the iconic Xanthorrhoea trees echo our choice of blackened wood flooring.

This prefab home addition / renovation project shows that old houses are strategic for a good renovation, and that it is important for this renovation to be environmentally conscious.

Anderson Architecture

Address101-4/14 Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Prefab Roof Home Addition / Renovation, Sydney, NSW, Australia

300 sqft Small Prefab Home Addition on the Roof, San Francisco, California, USA

Project  House in Telegraph Hill
Design Feldman Architecture
Location San Francisco, USA
Project Year 2012
Photographs Joe Fletcher
Construction company Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders
Interiors Lisa Lougee Interiors
Lighting Kim Cladas Lighting Design
Structural Engineering Strandberg Engineering
Metal Fabrication Chris French Metal
Landscaping Clarke from Mornay at Flora Grubb Gardens
Area 338 m² total, addition of 30 m²

While the original house offered high ceilings and the possibility of spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower and downtown San Francisco, it suffered from a smooth stucco facade and unusually narrow and fragmented interior spaces.

For customers, a busy family who likes to cook and entertain, the dark and idle spaces should be reinvented. The renovation transformed the front façade into a gray stone cladding and designed metal structures for the windows and garage. It has also opened the entire upper level as a 300 sqft room in prefab small home addition on the roof, with windows on three sides, where the new skylights gently illuminate access to the lower levels. Along the main staircase, a perforated screen filters the natural light from a large south-facing window. The screen surrounds the kitchen ceiling and defines this central space, which is configured as a boat's kitchen to carefully store all appliances.

Prefab small home addition includes a large deck captures sweeping views and moves from the living room, creating an indoor / outdoor space with a fireplace, a seating function and an operable shade awning. Throughout the house, a soft gray and white palette allows plenty of natural light and the views take center stage.

Feldman Architecture

Feldman Architecture is an innovative residential and commercial design practice recognized for creating warm, light-filled spaces that are site-sensitive and carefully detailed. Highly collaborative in nature, the firm approaches design as a dialogue between client, design team and site. Each project is an opportunity to create an innovative solution that is relevant to the project environs and tailored to a clients’ specific needs.
The studio’s culture is also informal and non-hierarchical; members of the small firm work with clients in an engaging, shared process to find smart and sustainable solutions. Closely guiding projects from design through construction, designers and project managers are deeply involved in research and probing the parameters of a project. Strong alliances with consultants, builders and artisans contribute to carefully informed design decisions and result in fully realized projects with conceptual clarity and precise detailing.

Address1648 Pacific Ave Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States

300 sqft Small Prefab Home Addition on the Roof, San Francisco, California, USA

Modular Home Extension, Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria

Description by architects

Inspired by our client’s brief for a minimalist, tranquil residence hidden away from the surrounding city, Modscape worked with the existing structure and added a new modular home extension that would increase the amount of natural light and fresh air entering the house and provide an open living area with an intimate master retreat above.

Before work began, this Victorian-era house in Albert Park, Victoria, had closed-off, compartmentalized rooms with a tacked on, lean-to extension resulting in a lack of light, ventilation and outdoor connection. Modscape set about transforming it into a light-filled, airy space with generous proportions.

Heritage characteristics are retained in the original portion of the house, which seamlessly opens to a light and spacious social space that stretches across the full width of the block. Large, full-height glazing recessed into the floor and ceiling, ensure living and dining effortlessly spills outside to the courtyard and pool beyond. Protective walls extend from inside to out creating a large internalized backyard blurring the lines between inside and outside, old and new, open but sheltered. Sited on a busy street, the rear modular home extension and courtyard containing a single Japanese Elm tree, provide a quiet haven for the residents and creates its own aspect within the property. When sitting in the living room, light bounces off the water in the pool producing wonderful patterns on the ceiling.

The interior utilises a timeless, restrained material palette. The natural limestone tiles were selected as a hardwearing, low maintenance option for a busy home. This floor finish runs through the entire house – from the front door to the bottom of the pool – linking the spaces and further blurring the transition from old to new, inside to out.

The kitchen is connected but slightly separated from the main living space allowing it to function independently. Custom-made joinery pieces open up to be a fully functioning work space but close down when not in use to appear like a piece of furniture. Paired-back with integrated appliances, the kitchen further reinforces the over-arching design idea to create a tranquil space devoid of clutter.

Upstairs, the master suite is constructed from two modules and contrasts the openness of the ground floor. Much of the master bedroom’s sense of calm and intimacy is achieved through the dappled light and shadow created by a fine cedar screen – softening afternoon light and allowing for daytime glimpses out while maintaining privacy. Natural limestone tiles coupled with cleverly placed skylights, create a soft, tranquil ensuite – a perfect place to relax in the tub after a stressful day.

To maximise the solar performance of the house, adequate sun shading is provided by the first-floor timber box, which overhangs two meters. This allows winter sun to penetrate deep into the modular home extension but provides vital protection from the summer heat ensuring no air conditioning is required.

Modscape coordinated all aspects of the modular home extension build including planning approval, demolition, services connections and landscaping including pool. The modular home extension was constructed in 10 weeks, installed in a day with the clients moving back in shortly thereafter.

Project Specifications:

  • Screenwood timber battened screen
  • KELLER minimal window frames, low-e double glazed windows
  • Natural limestone tiles (floor and bathroom walls)
  • Cavalier Bremworth carpet to bedroom
  • Bespoke oak joinery to kitchen, wardrobe and study
  • Neolith porcelain benchtop
  • Miele induction cooktop with integrated downdraft extractor. Miele oven and integrated fridge
  • Astra Walker bathroom fixtures
  • Abey freestanding bath
  • Pitella door hardware throughout

Project Services:

  • 2,000 L rainwater tank
  • Pool heated by solar panels
  • Hydronic underfloor heating


Address - Head Office & Factory430 Francis Street, Brooklyn,VIC, 3012, Australia
Address - Project Office187 – 197 Military Road, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089, Australia

Prefab Modular Home Additions / Extensions