SysHaus - 200 sqm Prefab Home, LilliHaus Floating Plug&Play Home

SysHaus - 200 sqm Sustainable Prefab Home


SysHaus Floor Plan / Drawings
About Arthur Casas

ArchitectureArthur Casas Design
Area200 sqm (2150 sq ft)
LandscapingRenata Tilli
LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
PhotographyFilippo Bamberghi

Some say houses are made of brick;
Some say they are made of the relationship between spaces;
There are also those who say they are made of mishaps.
We believe that home is time and space.
It is to enjoy time in the best space.

Arthur Casas introduces the SysHaus sustainable prefab home modular system at its pre-launch at CASACOR São Paulo 2018. The technology developed by his office made it possible to build a high-end home in less than a month, with virtually zero waste and water consumption. Each part of the project has been designed exclusively on the basis of needs and specifications, extremely efficiently and functionally, without debris and with reduced execution time.

With 200 m², the structure of pillars, beams and steel screws does not require foundation and concreting. Everything is docked from floor to ceiling. About 90% of the components come from the bespoke factory. In addition, 100% of the materials used are recyclable, and there is a green roof, which naturally contributes to thermal and acoustic comfort, giving the utmost respect to nature in all construction processes.

Generous openings allow the sustainable prefab home to be crossed by ventilation and natural light, reducing energy consumption with lighting and air conditioning. The furniture was designed in modules, ie, just like the structure of the sustainable prefab home, can be assembled in another location. Other pieces of furniture, utilities, finishes and even accessories, such as jewelry, were designed by Arthur in partnership with large companies and national industries - most of them being launched. The house's landscaping is by Renata Tilli, who opted for species that adapt to the climate of any region.

The constructive method will also be commercialized including sustainable everyday practices. In all SysHaus sustainable prefab homes will be installed: the rainwater catchment and reuse mechanism; a biodigestion system that transforms organic waste into gas for use in the fireplace and kitchen, and fertilizer for use in the garden; and sockets for electric vehicles. The customer can also opt for photovoltaic panels, which, through their intelligent monitoring system, make the most of energy. It is estimated that construction can be completed within six months from conception to key delivery.

Factory installed eco-friendly systems

Using technology, engineering and design, SysHaus makes this thinking an effective practice. Its innovative construction method allows the assembly of the pieces intended for each of its spaces to be done without waste generation and excessive consumption of natural resources, whose waste is quite common in conventional constructions. In addition, 100% of the materials used are recyclable, and there is the option of green roofing, which naturally contributes to thermal and acoustic comfort, with the utmost respect for nature in all construction processes.

Sustainable daily practices are also achieved through three items, installed in all sysHaus houses: the mechanism for capturing and reusing rainwater; a biodigestion system that transforms organic waste into gas for use in the fireplace and kitchen, and fertilizer for use in the garden; and sockets for electric vehicles. In addition, photovoltaic panels can also be installed, which, through their intelligent monitoring system, make the most of energy and generate zero cost on the bill.

Sustainability for SysHaus is more than a philosophy; It is an integral part of everything you do, both in designing your production process and applying these practices at every stage of your projects.

SysHaus born in the relentless pursuit of intelligent solutions and sustainability to combine good design with good engineering. Union that translates into a new building experience.

Design is one of SysHaus's core principles. Arthur Casas not only believes in the functional criteria of a home, but also in its ability to serve the senses of those who inhabit it, which we seek to achieve by design. Valuing for creative and innovative sophistication, SysHaus chose Arthur Casas to sign the first generation of brand homes and unequivocally and uniquely translate the essence of what we believe.

“My permanent ambition is to design really needed items, considering the comfort of those who will wear them and of course my particular concept of beauty.” - Arthur Casas

It is engineering and design, research and development. It is the area that is concerned with the constant evolution of SysHaus, and the proposition of innovative solutions for the daily lives of those who relate to our products. A laboratory for the continuous development of ideas, technology and design that seeks to dynamically follow the changing demands of today's life.

Arthur Casas Design is responsible for the development of products signed by Arthur Casas. The process of designing furniture, fittings and utilities arose from the architect's need to find in Brazil in the 1980s pieces that met the demands of the interiors of a home with his signature - both by design and size. Along the way, the architect has designed exclusive furniture for clients and national and international brands, such as America, Butzke, Main House, Danao Living, Dpot, Emporium Beraldin, Sparse, Etel, Cultural Heritage, Micasa, New Course, Poliform and Riva, as well as recent partnerships with Deca, Cinex, Mekal and Vallvé for the design of Syshaus. The course was also marked by the achievement of relevant awards. These include the Red Dot Design Award 2008, the Brazil Design Award 2017 and the iF Design Awards 2017 and 2018.

A house is dwelling and home. It is a unit of space that gains meaning with each birthday celebrated, breakfast in bed, clear night, and family Sunday, and with each of those experiences that make us feel comfortable and safe. It is within this scenario that life stories are built, and therefore the responsibility for creating it cannot be put in the background.

SysHaus proposes an innovative way to develop the most appropriate space for the story you will create. With the security of over 20 years of experience and over 4 million square meters built, it combines the most advanced engineering technologies with the design of established architects, and enables you to flexibly and personally become a composer of a work entirely adapted to your unique needs.

Spend the time you would spend managing the work on your family and your personal projects.

You can also decide on the features of your sysHaus, from a wide range of optional accessories, services and finishes with set values ​​and deadlines, leaving no unpleasant surprises. In addition, they enable and encourage the integration of new technologies, an exercise in sophistication and versatility. The SysHaus houses still have a particularity: since the pieces are all created with their own purposes and functions, they can be disassembled and reallocated without problems to the structure.

Thinking of construction as the result of a slow, messy, difficult and polluted process no longer matches current ideals and practices. Technology is sysHaus's greatest ally: thinking about the degree of efficiency, dynamism and sustainability that today's world demands, it has developed a new method of construction that can be completed within six months from conception to key delivery.

As we think of the family and those we love, we imagine the world that will receive us in the future. For this reason, it is essential that our legacy for the next generations is not one of lack of resources and complete chaos in nature.

What we produce must be maintained, and the environment in which we live may last.

This is the logic of sustainability: to produce efficiently with the conscious use of resources and with as little waste as possible.

SysHaus Floor Plan / Drawings

SysHaus - 200 sqm Sustainable Prefab Home

LilliHaus - SysHaus Prefab Floating Plug&Play Home

Floor plans
About SysHaus

Architect / BuilderSysHaus
Area1248 ft² (115 m²)
ManufacturersAutoDesk, ALARMBR, Crosslam, NeoSolar, Schuco, Soludimper, VRV Moveis
CollaboratorsRoberto Fujihara, Jonas Donato , Fernando Kume
LocationJoanópolis, São Paulo, Brazil
PhotosAcervo / SysHaus

Known as the LilliHaus, the off-grid SysHaus prefab floating home measures 10' x 40', making it the largest of the architect’s three plug-and-play prefab homes. With its minimalist and self-contained design, the small floating home is ready to pop up on water or on land without floating structures.

The SysHaus prefab floating home is able to accommodate and maintain an off-grid lifestyle on water, although the SysHaus prefab home can be hooked up to electrical grid as well.

Arthur Casas Design: "Solar panels generate electric energy that is accumulated in a home battery system and after used when necessary at 110 or 12 volts. All gray water and black water pass through a biological aerobic treatment system, including a biodigester three-phase station, before returning to the surrounding environment in conditions of bacteriological, chemical, and physical purity. For drinking water, the water from the lake or river around the off-grid SysHaus prefab floating home, is also can be purified and used for domestic purposes."

Just as with other SysHaus prefab homes, the LilliHaus off-grid prefab floating home is made from 100% recyclable construction materials. Refurbished and light hardwoods run throughout home, while large floor-to-ceiling enrgy saving windows allow plenty of natural light inside, and floating home location provide an opportunity to wake up to exciting and breathtaking lake / river water views.

Smart technology and innovative engineering are also central design features in the SysHaus prefab floating home. "LilliHaus home has openings in the ceiling and floor. This creates a natural ventilation system that works without electric power and allows inner hot air to escape out the top of the floating home and fresh air to come in underneath the prefab house. Natural ventilation provides a continuous flow of air in the SysHaus house and a great thermal sensation. The SysHaus engineering systems can also be controlled remotely. This feature offers ability to monitor SysHaus prefab home energy consumption and security."


LilliHaus floor plans / drawings

About Arthur Casas

from the object to the landscape, inside out, the creative process of studio arthur casas is intimately connected to a horizontal scale, where the main concern is the dialogue in the conception of programs that can be as diverse as a chair or an entire neighborhood, influenced by a spirit both modernist and contemporary that is brazilian but also cosmopolitan.

since 1999, the team of designers, architects and urbanists works from são paulo and ny, and has built in several cities worldwide such as tokyo, paris, rio de janeiro, ny and são paulo, creating a vocabulary that is recognized and published internationally.

the individual is the center of architecture. houses, buildings and environments not only shelter our bodies and our actions, but they also harbor our minds, our dreams, our memories and our desires. architecture and design give shape to the human experience of being in the world, strengthening our notion of being and directly influencing our lives.

the environments we design and build should not follow fads, trends, styles or seek only the dramatic and spectacular gesture. on the contrary, they must be living, welcoming, empathic, flexible, full of different possibilities of interaction that can, over time, transform the lives of the individuals who occupy them.

our creative process assumes that in architecture the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. it is the quality of the whole that permeates, controls and affects every detail of our design. therefore, our attention is directed to all scales, from architecture to furniture, from the smallest of the objects to the choice of all the materials used. the perception of the environments happens totally, not only with our eyes, but with all our senses, our bodies and our emotions.

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