Prefab Glass Walls Store/Shop with Metal Frame

About Supra Design - Augusta Design

Project: Ribeirão Preto CASACOR Store
Design: Supra Design - Augusta Design
Architects: Mathe Benetti and Dariane Bertoni
Area: 30 m²
Year: 2018

The Ribeirão Preto CASACOR Store, signed by Supra Design office and operated by Augusta Design, is an interpretation of the annual theme of A Casa Viva. The structures of the construction of the commercial space were designed so that all the elements can be disassembled and reassembled in another place, in order to keep the architecture that follows alive and itinerant.

Architects Mathe Benetti and Dariane Bertoni bring industrial modernity to the atmosphere of space. Constructive materials transcend the walls and present themselves as resignified decorative elements. Scaffolding appears as bookshelves and other industrial materials, usually used as the basis of a work, are seen with the naked eye and dialogue with the objects selected by the store's curator.

At the CASACOR Shop by Augusta Design, the commercial space of only 30 m², glass walls add to the ambience and eliminate the feeling of confinement and allow the dialogue between internal and external areas at CASACOR Ribeirão Preto 2018.

About Supra Design - Augusta Design

Augusta is the face of novelty, of the new times, it is the opposite of sameness, it is where the classic meets the modern and the timeless is created.

The store consists of an impeccable curation of furniture and objects, offering a selection of pieces signed by national designers and artists.

Created and created by sisters Kally Frassetto and Talita Brandão, Augusta is the result of the passion that members have always cherished for architecture, art and design.

After observing a market saturated with international options, in contrast to the talent of Brazilian designers, the choice to value national design became the store's most intrinsic goal. Even the name refers to Rua Augusta: a place used as a stage by several Brazilian artists.

Come have a coffee, it will be a pleasure to welcome you;)

AddressAvenida Itatiaia, 1010, Jardim Sumaré, Ribeirão Preto - SP, 14025-240, Brazil

Prefab Glass Walls Store/Shop with Metal Frame