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Fiction Factory, once a theater scenery company, has expanded its design and construction initiative to include a prefabricated modular home, the Wikkelhouse. The design utilizes high strength cardboard as a main element of the structure. During the production process, the house-shaped mold is wrapped with 24 layers of cardboard — leading to the origin of the structure’ name, which in english loosely translates to ‘wrap house.’ Using the same main components in each structure, the design of each home can differ greatly in terms of overall size and individualized features.

Since Fiction Factory’s initial introduction of Wikkelhouse, the company has successfully installed the structure in various different environments — both natural and urban. One of Wikkelhouse’s natural application remains in London’s Amber Lakes, a nature reserve close to the bustling city. Urban applications include the house’s installation in Rotterdam Red Apple Marina floating alongside the boats and as an office for OVG Real Estate Services in Amsterdam. The company has also experimented with placing the lightweight structure of  prefab modular house on a rooftop of a former coal storage facility in the Hoxton Docks area of London.

Wikkelhouse is made up of 1.2 meter deep segments that can easily be connected and disconnected. The modular setup makes the house highly flexible. Add extra segments for extra meters. Create your own floorplan. Change it later. Truly anything goes.

Each Wikkelhouse is tailor-made by specialized craftsmen. Extra windows, different finishings or your own color scheme - you can make Wikkelhouse even more to your liking.

Wikkelhouse is sustainably produced and made of materials that have minimal impact on the environment. Moreover, the segments can be reused over and over again and are 100% recyclable.

With a weight of only 500 kg per segment, Wikkelhouse doesn't need a foundation and can be placed anywhere you want your prefab modular house to be. On the beachside, in your backyard or even on a rooftop. Looking for a change of scenery? Just move the house to a different spot.


Stayokay Dordrecht
On the edge of Biesbosch, one of Holland's largest nature reserves, you will find a Stayokay campsite. The non profit hostel organization provides a retreat for self-catering holiday lets, featuring two Wikkelhouses and many more to come.

Another collaboration with Stayokay, at another national park location: De Hoge Veluwe.  Two fully equiped Wikkelhouses was placed amidst the woods and the natural widlife, offering a rustic holiday experience.

Each Wikkelhouse is finished with waterproof but breathable foil and wood panelling to protect it from all weather conditions.

Almere Bouwexpo
Almere is Holland's fastest growing city and a global pioneer in spatial planning. The city's Bouwexpo Tiny Housing experiment accomodates small household with compact and sustanable housing. The first resident recently moved into into her Wikkelhouse.

London Amber Lakes

Amsterdam University Classroom
School doesn't get any better than this. On the premises of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences you will find a Wikkelhouse that quite literally serves as an out-of-the-box classroom.

Rotterdam Red Apple Marina
In the most central and idyllic marina of Rotterdam, a few steps from Station Blaak and the Markthal, you can find the world's first Wikkelboat. It floats! Wikkelboat has two outdoor patios and the facilities for a phenomenal overnight stay.

Would you like a kitchen in your Wikkelhouse? A bathroom? A shower? Include the smart Home-segment to your Wikkelhouse layout and you're set for life.

Prefab Modular House Wikkelhouse Installation


About manufacturer

Since 1989 we build exceptional interiors, fair stands and furniture for a worldwide audience.

And now we make houses too. Because we want to. And because we can.

Address Wikkelhouse, Back-Upstraat 1, 1033 NX Amsterdam, Netherlands


Wikkelhouse is designed and developed by Fiction Factory

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Prefab Modular House Wikkelhouse, Holland