Prefab Modular Houses by A-cero, Spain

100 m² Black Prefab Modular House, Spain

A-cero architecture studio, led by Joaquín Torres, launches a modular architecture product on the market, based on the principles of Industrialized Construction. In it, the same standardization, modularity, technology, quality control and timing procedures are applied to construction as are applied to many other fields of human activity, the most obvious example being automobile production, which is over a hundred years old of Henry Ford's chain production approaches.

The advantages are the same, with production in workshop and assembly on site, shorter times and more specialized labor, increase the results in terms of quality and price of the final product not comparable to traditional construction, while requiring greater control of the initial design phases, since absolutely everything must be designed and controlled beforehand, there is no room for improvisation.

In this commitment to Industrialized Construction, initially two prefab modular housing models with two and three bedrooms will be developed with a very low cost and final price, carrying out a careful study of the distribution and living spaces.

As a sample of the above, they are already starting the construction of two pilot prefab modular houses with the simultaneous study of several orders. A-cero will also offer the possibility of having these prefab modular houses fully decorated and equipped, just like a ship would be received.

As an example, an 82 m² modular house will be available for € 69,000, which will go to € 85,000 for the fully furnished option, being possible to finance these amounts through a mortgage loan in the same way as for traditionally built house.

As Joaquín Torres himself indicates, this modular system is not exclusive to residential construction, but the same prefab system could later be applied to other prefab building typologies such as modular schools, modular offices and modular residences for students and the elderly. With this challenge A-cero is committed to popularizing modular design and prefab constructive quality in architecture, in the search that modular approach is not relegated to a cultural and economic elite.

Modular Prefabricated House In A Coruña

Prefab Modular House B1

Modular Prefab House Mallorca

Las Marías Residential Complex - Modular Prefabricated Building System For Residential Units 2200 sqm

About A-cero

A-cero was founded in 1996 by Joaquin Torres Architects & Rafael Llamazares with the objective of fulfilling their vision of the architecture.

Our successful experiences, vocation, service and capacity to respond have helped us to experience a continuous growth thanks to the success of our clients. Currently we have two main headquarters in Spain, located in Madrid and La Coruña from where we develop our work at national and international level.

The scope of our services includes from the urban planning to the architectural development at all stages, including up to the furniture and the interior design. Our self-explaining architecture aspires to go beyond the resolution of functional needs thanks to the form and the constructive coherence. In each project we work to make our vision of architecture and the needs of our clients come true.

A-cero is actually positioned as one of the strongest architectural office in Spain, developing more than 500.000sqm per year in national and international projects.

The studio has a team of over 50 specialized construction professionals, including architects, engineers, technical architects and interior designers. Its multidisciplinary nature allows us to optimize the working times and ensures the continuous service to our clients throughout all phases and areas of the project. The working team assignment to each project is the foundation of our success. The personal treatment is essential to know the needs of each client, and it is the way to materialize their ideas in a emblematic and a single piece.
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