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Modular home for young families - home that grows with you. As number of children increases, modular home grows larger - and later smaller again.

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Living as flexible as life would have to be: a house that grows with increasing numbers of children and shrinks again when family members move out. Modular houses are a modern trend in the field of prefabricated construction.

A family changes over the years. First, two people move into a house, then a third, maybe even a fourth person is added. More space is needed. Years later, a few residents gradually move out again. In the end, maybe only one will stay behind - and less space is needed again. Homes that take part in all these situations would be nice - and they already exist: Thanks to their modular design, buildings can grow or shrink.

The individual configuration of products is becoming increasingly important in many areas - and the trend is rising. Horst Wildemann, a professor at the Technical University of Munich, is an expert in serial construction and prophesies: "What has long been the norm when buying a car will also prevail in the home market." But that goes far beyond the individual planning on the computer according to the wishes of the clients - it goes all the way to future with modular extensions.

"Individual modules made from lightweight components are industrially prefabricated in line with the model of the automobile industry and then put together on the construction site," says Prof. Wildemann, explaining the production of a modular building. Quasi-finished house areas are brought as a whole on the construction sites.

But the construction of modules is not significantly different from elements that include in usual prefabricated houses, explains Christoph Windscheif of the Federal Association of German prefabricated buildings in Bad Honnef. There are usually wall and ceiling panels in wood panel construction. They are serially produced in a factory, even building services and interior are already installed there. "The construction of modular houses can be done in a very short time, approximately in 24 hours," explains Wildemann.

Once the house is set up, it can easily be expanded with additional modules or existing units can be dismantled - depending on the family's living situation and finances. "You can start, for example, with a small house with 50 to 60 square meters of living space, and later expand it by additional modules or extensions," explains Windscheif. For less than 50,000 euros, there are small modular houses for singles and young families.

Gradually - as family and aspirations grow and money returns to invest - extensions can follow. For example, they offer more space for the children, a self-employed office or, at the age of one, an apartment for carers. Or a unit for children can be just removed after they leave home.

In principle, you can even move with the modular buildings. "These houses have no base plate, so they are not firmly connected to the ground," explains Windscheif. "And the modules are sized to be transported from place to place." However, you can not just set up the modules everywhere. Regarding building rules, often a building permit is necessary.

"Architects are discussing modular houses controversially," says Christof Rose, spokesman for the Chamber of Architects of North Rhine-Westphalia. On the one hand, they see the benefits of standardized construction. Due to the weather-independent prefabrication of the elements in the factory, the construction time on the construction site is shortened, the quality of the components is high, and costs are reduced. This makes it possible to build larger quantities of apartments faster.

On the other hand, the professionals fear that building with prefabricated components or modules quickly leads to boring solutions. "The challenge is to capitalize on the benefits of serial building without the disadvantages," says Rose. In this way, standardized houses were to be used to create individual houses that blend in with their surroundings in terms of urban planning. "There are currently several research projects on this."

Photo: Jürgen Lippert / BDF / Schwörer House / Henning Kaiser

A house is more than just a roof over your head. A house is home, habitat, retirement home. Here one loves, here one suffers, here one lets the soul dangle. Modular homes offer you the perfect location for all facets of life - at a great price-performance ratio.

New 100 sqm Modular Prefab House

After demolition of an old house in the north of Berlin and new construction, there is now a new modular prefab house with two floors, a facade made of white plaster, anthracite gray window frames and a timber façade made of horizontal slats. Inside, the builders rely on bright, natural materials and thus create an ambience for modern classics.

Luxury and Cheap Modular Homes - Young Family Friendly Homes


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Luxury and Cheap Modular Homes - Family Friendly Homes