Hotel Revier - Simple and Luxury Modular Hotel in Switzerland

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About Carlos Martinez Architekten

Architects Carlos Martinez Architekten
Location Lenzerheide, 7078 Vaz/Obervaz, Switzerland
Year 2017
Area 4100 sq m
Photography Hannes Thalmann, Marc Lins, Revier Mountain Lodge

Trend-oriented, authentic and natural. When a sports hotel is reduced to the essentials, a feeling of freedom in the face of life and an unconventional architectural concept arise. The long, narrow building perches on the edge of the steep terrain with the mountain forest in the background. The two slightly angled elements of the building follow the shore of the Heidsee.

The front of the building with lobby, bar and restaurant is in a cozy way aligned to the entrance of the Rothornbahn and forms the common center of the hotel. Around four more floors with a total of 96 rooms are compatible with this massive ground floor floor, where the winter sports hall and the large bicycle room are located.

The modular hotel combines the atmosphere of a mountain lodge with the liberating feel of a motorhome and the functionality of a ship's cabin. All rooms are oriented to the west, towards the water and remind of the picture of a VW bus: A park at the lake opens the tailgate and feels a sense of freedom. A large wall-to-wall bed and a room-high panoramic window with ventilation wings reinforce this impression. The rooms are optimized to only 15 square meters. The ceilings, floors and walls are built in modules of unfinished natural plywood: columns, partitions and interior fittings, all in one.

The arrangement of the rooms next to each other creates a double wall effect, which also ensures better sound insulation. The bathroom is installed in a multifunctional box. The fully equipped room modules were prefabricated, allowing for precise execution and rapid design and assembly.

Modern technology and design without influencing come together here, of course. This is obvious both inside and out. The metal façade of the foundation with a vertical design surface, the abstractly arranged window slots and the glazing from the floor to the ceiling testify to thriftiness. On the façade of the four floors of the rooms, the individual modules are highlighted by the protruding metal cladding, and the building is clearly a wooden structure with vertical larch strips, untreated.

The special feature of this luxury modular hotel are its individual rooms, which are inspired by the image of a VW bus. A large wall-to-wall bed, a floor-to-ceiling picture window with narrow air vents and a deep sill and a compact, box-shaped bathroom add to this space. Countless well thought-out details make the rooms special. The heating element in a corner to dry the clothes. The bed can be used as a sofa for watching TV and relaxing and an automatic folding device simplifies this transformation.

The standard rooms, each the width of a bed, are optimized to only 15 square meters. There are also 4 rooms without barriers and 28 rooms with three beds. Each cabin is designed as a room module made of spruce planks, which form the columns, the room dividers and the interior in one. The effect of a double wall is achieved by placing the rooms next to each other, which also ensures better sound insulation. The prefabricated modules are suitable for this design and offer the decisive advantage of high-quality workmanship as well as construction and assembly on site.

Construction Process

Floor Plans

Hotel Revier Location and Contact Info

Address Voa Principala 84, 7078 Lenzerheide, Switzerland
Phone +41 81 382 06 60

About Carlos Martinez Architekten

Every project needs a coherent concept. The superordinate, creative idea arises from the symbiosis of function and form, the conditions of the place and the needs of the task, the customer.

The room sequences must serve the functions. At the same time they should generate tension and generate sensual surprises. The architect designs buildings and squares, they shape places and cities, the environment of the human being and thus of the human being itself. This social responsibility must be handled with care.

We plan for the users and understand sustainability as a resource conservation over the entire life cycle of a building. We passionately create space using materials that we like to research and search for. The non-material ingredients are often the dearest to us. Light, color, emotion, rhythm and time, that is movement in space. The tangible sensuality as well as the meaning behind our ideas and spatial conglomerates are of particular interest to us.

The focus of our work is the pursuit of optimal space concepts for innovative and individual construction projects. These are shaped by the context of the place and are based on economic, aesthetic and social considerations. They develop from the situation and the program and are always tailor-made solutions.


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Hotel Revier - Simple and Luxury Modular Hotel in Switzerland