P.A.T.H. manufactured homes by Riko and Philippe Starck

The desire to do good, better and fairer has long driven the work and production of internationally acclaimed creator Philippe Starck, as well as the work of Riko, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable prefabricated wooden buildings. These joint values have brought them together to create Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes – P.A.T.H., industrially manufactured houses tailored to meet the individual dwelling needs and expectations of people worldwide.

Each of the 34 models of houses from the P.A.T.H range is distinguished by Philippe Starck’s signature timeless design. Yet how you choose to create your own compelling living space is completely up to you – P.A.T.H. offers a wide range of house sizes, numbers of rooms, floors, and multiple open floor plans that best fit your lifestyle and needs. You can choose between different facades, a range of roofing types, a variety of interior finishes and fixtures, such as light fittings, floor finishes, bathroom tiles, and many other possibilities to personalize your P.A.T.H. Make the most of a wide palette of renewable energy producing equipment such as photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbines and heat pumps, and rest assured that P.A.T.H model houses are rapidly built and offer their owners full long-term assistance.