100 sqm Prefab Wooden House, Austria

Floor plan
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Project: House for Gudrun
Design: Sven Matt
Area: 100 sqm
Budget: € 170,000
Primary energy requirement: 35 kWh / m²a
Year: 2010
Location: Mellau, Vorarlberg, Austria
Photography: Björn Matt

Sometimes there is no alternative to your own house: for your own peace, your own freedom, your own nature, your own way. Even the tight budget of a tight budget could not dissuade the client from her plans.

This is how this “two-room apartment” 100 sqm prefab wooden house was built in prefabricated wood, one storey, without a basement on a concrete floor slab.

The interior of the small, black-glazed prefab wooden house offers living and living space along the entire depth of the 100 sqm house, plus two other small rooms: one connected privately, the other accessible from the hallway.

Behind the entrance is a core for technology and wet room. You look outside through four large openings - one on each outer wall. Depending on their function, direction and surroundings, they reach down to the floor or are set off with a parapet, cut flat into the facade or deeply notched: in the east the access, in the north the bedrooms, in the south the dining area, in the west the private exit for a view of the valley.

The space economy led to the integration of the service components into the walls. This includes a wardrobe, kitchenette, built-in closet and a small writing space. A seat in the rear wall of the wet room is also included. This niche is darkened with concrete panels, as if you should be able to concentrate and retreat here - otherwise silver fir dominates the interior.

Entrance, hallway and functional cells have the usual room height, bedroom and living room extend below the flat sloping roof, making the rooms appear spacious. The building is heated by the woodchip heater of the neighboring house: the system supplies the underfloor heating under the ground cement screed.

Description from architects.

"Your own calm, your own freedom, your own nature, your own Art."

Large living space, two small bedrooms and the entrance area are offset by one organized core with technology and wet room. Four large openings form four image sections, four views inside. Depending on the direction and surroundings, with or without parapet - deeply incised or placed flat in the facade. Prime the private exit with a view of the expanding valley to the west, then to the east the access, dormitories to the north, dining area with a short hall to the south, where the neighboring buildings are closest.

The walls are designed in such a way that they integrate low-lying windows and serving components - kitchen units, built-in cupboards, a small writing place. The cloakroom and seat are also recessed in the central core of the bathroom. This is inside appears on the outside, however, with dark walls made of concrete control panels in contrast to the otherwise prevalent silver fir. The space remains free for small furniture.

There she lives. The large window to the west looks out into the distance, the entrance in the east points to the neighbors and in the center stands the dark core with fire and water. Sitting on the wooden deck, in the open air, she takes part in nature, with regular visits from neighbors and irregular visits from deer, fox and others.

Floor plan

About architect

AddressKriechere 70, 6870 Bezau, Austria
Phone+43 5514 26615

100 sqm Prefab Wooden House, Austria